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Can You Help me Create a Workout Routine?


That’s a question only trial-and-error and dedicating yourself to improvement can answer. For now, the optimal lifting is the lifting that you do. If you are squatting, deadlifting, pushing and pulling, you’re already miles ahead of the poor souls who never leave the treadmill.

I just ran 5/3/1 when I dropped a lot of fat. That’s not an “optimal” fat loss lifting plan according to the experts, but I dropped a ton of fat and didn’t really lose any strength. It was a huge success for me. That’s all that matters.

Look around and see what programs and set/rep schemes resonate with you. Find something you believe in and run it like hell. Don’t overthink the details of your lifting. Squat, hinge, push, pull and make sure you’re nailing your food prep. Eat to recover but still keep your scale weight trending downwards, good things will happen if you do.


Looks sensible enough to me, btw. Start tomorrow and continue doing homework and absorbing information from credible sources. Adjust as you see fit.


I wouldn’t worry about that too much. Just work your body, as well s view it as a unit. More or less.

Having SQ/DL and upper body Push/pull will be enough for now. As mentioned before, if you’re using compound movements, they’re more than likely engaging a lot more muscle groups. All of which help to keep a balance going.

So I think you’ll be fine.


My advice…learn the basics dont over complicate and overthink things. Anything you do at this stage as long as your consistent will garnish results.