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Can You Hear It?

A little background:


The noise:

I’m 24 and I can hear it loud and clear. I couldn’t stand it for even a second. It’s been five minutes since I listened to it and my ears are still ringing.

Well, I’m 45 and I had to turn my speakers all the way up to hear it. Damn! What a slicing sound that is.

I am 32, I also had to turn my speakers to max, and I have a loud 7.1 system.

All I heard was a faint high picted noise

Audio must not be working right, b/c I could only watch the video of that little bar moving from left to right.


I had to go to training 2yrs ago for my current job, and read this article so I downloaded the file and played it on my comp. I could make it out ok, but the ladies in the class freaked out. From what I understand a woman has a better chance hearing the noise than a guy.

My cats don’t like the sound. Neither do I. They are 10, I’m 36.


Damn, I could barely hear it at the maximum volume. I do have shitty hearing, though.

God damn that hurt.

f that sound!!

Ha! I’m 22 and I can barely hear it with all the volume up.

I can’t wait to go loitering because that is so much better than doing other stuff!

What a bunch of assholes people are sometimes. That noise surely fucks with dogs ears and kids. If I ever found one and I could hear it I would probably come back later on in a ninja suit and sabotage it with my sledge hammer. I would shoot at it but it is much harder to find pistols here than in say a place like ‘liberty city’ or ‘Los Santos’, ‘san fiero’ etc.


23, loud and clear.

My friends and I found this noise and used to play it during class on our laptops. It drove everyone NUTS.

[quote]Padilla7921 wrote:
My friends and I found this noise and used to play it during class on our laptops. It drove everyone NUTS.[/quote]


22…couldn’t hear anything.

39 and couldn’t hear a thing even at top volume.

My 6 year old daughter who is asleep upstairs woke up freaking out though!

Hmm - first part of it I could hear, but then it disappeared. Interesting, because according to my doctor, I have superb hearing. I’m 20, btw.

Here - for those of you who couldn’t hear the first but want to share the pain, try one of these.


Disappeared for me too. But I’m old and have a hearing loss from too many years of standing in front of blasting bass amps.

wow, that is irritating as fuck. it makes me sick to my stomach.

I downloaded this onto my itunes, how do i put it on my cell phone?..I’m a little technology illiterate.