can you guys revise my workout schedule

Can you tell me what u think of my 6 day split routine. I’ll tell u my stats first i am 5’10 i weigh 145 lbs. 16 years old and can bench 190 lbs. Here is my schedule can u revise it for me since its my first one i had made up.

day 1- chest, back, abs
day 2- shoulders, arms, abs
day 3- forearms, abs
day 4- chest, back, abs
day 5- shoulders, arms, abs
day 6- forearms, abs
day 7- rest

Day 1
8 reps of each exercise
Full recovery for each set

Bench press
Pec dec flyes
Incline bench

Lat machine pulldown
Seated pulley rowing
Bent rowing
Good mornings
Normal pull ups
Wide pull ups
Inside grip pull ups
Chin ups

Leg raise
Crunches weighted
Knee ups
Side bends
Bench leg raises

Day 2
8 reps of each exercise
Full recovery

Military Press
Upright rowing
Shrugs- light weight genetically week shoulders
Press behind Neck

Lat machine pushdown
Tricep extensions
Straight bar curls
Dumbell curl
2 other tricep exercises dont know what their called

Leg raise
Crunches weighted
Knee ups
Side bends
Bench leg raises

day 3
8 reps
Full recovery

Concentration curls
Wrist curls
Reverse curls

Leg raise
Crunches weighted
Knee ups
Side bends
Bench leg raises

Day 4 is the same as day 1

Day 5 is the same as day 2

Day 6 is the same as day 3

day 7 is a rest day

I’m going to do this workout for 6 weeks and then move on to explosive lifting and when u do the same routine for more then 6 weeks your body adapts.

i’ve been lifting for a year an a half and want to get better gains
thanks for reading it
plz respond

How many sets is that? 356 a week? I think you’re overdoing it. There’s no need to train that much. Remember, you grow when you’re not in the gym. On the other hand as you’re a begginer you probably can afford to do everything wrong and still grow for a while, but it won’t last long.

My advise would be to stick to the basic movements, cut the volume to a reasonable amount and train 4 times a week at the most.

Ok, it seems kind of like a kitchen sink approach. It was very tough to read your post, but I could make out the general idea. For beginners, I generally like to recommend you stick with big compound movements (chins, dips, rows, bench, overhead press, squats, etc).

You may want to completely do your own routine and I think that you will do fine with what you've layed out for 6 weeks. (Make sure you get some leg work, but I saw that you were doing that separately in your other post). But I think you will make better progress if you start with something designed by an expert strength coach.

Ian Kings 12 weeks to Super Strength, Limping and Awesome abs series can be combined to create a killer 4 day split that WILL make you grow. If you really want to do more volume that that, I would suggest, you get some medicine balls, a dragging sled and jump rope and start doing weighted GPP as outlined by Date Tate and some non-weighted GPP and rope skipping as outlined by Coach Davies. Trust me, your progress will be better if you put a program together based on these three coaches than what you can do for yourself.

As for diet, read Massive Eating part 1 and 2 - links should be in the FAQ. Links to all of these programs that I've mentioned should aslo be in the FAQ.

It's your choice. But based on your post, it does not look like you are quite ready yet to be completely on your own regarding training.

Everyone that reads this will grin and know that you are doing EXACTLY what we all did. More is better. Gotta split it all up. Body is a collection of parts. Here is my $.o2 worth. The body works as a whole, not a collection of parts, so your training should be the same, except for rare specialization cycles, WHICH DOESN’T HAVE TO ALWAYS BE ARMS. There is no magic, lift hard, lift a lot of weight correctly, lift often, not too often so that you can’t do more than the last, yet not too infrequent. bench, STANDING MILITARY PRESS, squat, dead, chins (variety of) Row, maybe one for biceps and one for triceps. Compete with yourself in performance output only. Physical appearance changes are sure to follow. Practice for your particular sport is leaps and bounds more important than weight training. Weight training creates an environment in which practice can be improved upon, can be tolerated, can flourish.

You’re not doing enough. I would go to a twice a day split and try to get more cardio in. Also real champs don’t have a rest day. Why don’t you do your explosive lifting on day 7?

I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that you actually have legs, in which case you should be training them. I think that you ought to do a search for the “Ian King Cheat Series;” these articles will give you an idea of an appropriate volume and training split. Right now, you’re definitely overdoing it. You’ve come to the right place, though, but you’ve got to be willing to put in the work and read, read, read!