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Can you guys help me figure out how many calories I should be eating and the ratios?

According to the Men’s Health TAP plan for a guy that weighs 200lbs and is moderately active which is 40% that equals out to 3080 to maintain. Now I have decided to only cut 500 calories due to the workouts I have lined up Turbulence Training, Meltdown and Iron Manual. Which gives me 2580 which seems pretty high to me. Can I go to 2080? Anyways I did the ratio like TAP shows but I am confused it says to do 33/33/33 but when I do the 0.91/gram per a pound of body weight it equals to 182 grams of protein which seems low. Then I distribute the rest between carbs and fat which gave me 232 grams of carbs, which seems really high and 102 grams of fat. Is this right to lose weight? Instead of 33/33/33 can I do 40/30/30 or does it have to be 33/33/33? Is this the right number of calories 2580 seems kind of high but what do I know. Thanks.

My stats are 5’8-5’9 not sure.
20% body fat.
Goals: Lose weight and body fat.
Activity level: Workout 4 days a week. I am moderately active. I know there are other diets like the t-dawg diet but the carbs are way to low for me and way to much protein. I’m happy with the TAP diet.

Yeah, i’m with you that those ratios don’t look so good for someone trying to lose fat.

As far as the calorie count goes, that all depends on how you set up your meals.
Are you eating 6 meals/day?
Are you mixing carbs & fats in your meals?

I take it 2500 calories has been tried by you in the past and not worked, although with your LBM of 167 pounds it doesn’t look too high. My guess is that your meals are laid out in a less than optimum format.

Remember that drastically undereating will be nearly as bad to you as overeating. Undereating will cause your body to think it’s time to protect itself, and then it will use muscle mass instead of fat for fuel.

Why don’t you ask about these Men’s Health programs on the Men’s Health forum?

Oh wait, I remember. It’s the blind leading the blind over there. :slight_smile:

And what do you mean “too much protein”?

I haven’t read up on the TAP plan, but if you’re dieting you don’t want to go below 1.0g/lb on protein. And 1.5g/lb would be better. If you’re not sure if 2580 is too high or not just start with that and reevaluate every week. If you’re not losing weight then drop it by 300-500 per day, reevaluate after a week, etc. Any fat-loss formula is just a starting point. Everyone needs to adjust according to the results they’re getting. Definitely keep the protein higher than 0.91g/lb though—that’s too low for a hypocaloric diet.

I think you need to read John Berardi’s article “Massive Eating”. It goes into detail about ratios. I will tell you that ratios are very individual. Some people do better on a 40P/30C/30F, wile some people do better on a 60C/30P/10F. YOu just have to find out what works best for you.

Personal info - I use 20carb 50protien 30 fat @ 1000 cals/day + 4-ad-ec + t2 + eca. I NEVER diet not on steroids. It makes things sooooo much easier. Also invest in some surge, just use it post workout, there’s no point IMO to using surge while bulking when you can just stuff your face instead of cunsuming a measly 1 scoop of surge and then waiting a half hour as you starve to death.