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Can You Guys Critique My Squat?



lately I have been feeling uncomfortable when I was squatting so I asked someone yesterday to record me.

update on me right now: after 3 month break from not lifting during summer I started again in august and have been doing the starting strength program ever since.

stats are:145x5 on bench
225X5 on deadlift
power clean 135X2 isn’t really the best form I need to work on it
overhead press 95x3. I tried to do for five reps but I have been stuck there for the past two weeks.
squat is 165 x5.

I haven’t weighed myself since august and at that time I was 215. during summer I didn’t really exercise and gained a couple pounds. when I stats when I started lifting again were pretty low.when I started I was doing 105X5 on bench 115x on squats 185x5 on deadlifts and 65x5 on overhead. I am happy I have gotten stronger. My diet is better than before I am consuming a lot more protein(250G) and consuming around 3500 calories.

i feel like my squat form isn’t that good at all. i feel like i am using too much of my back while i squat.


You basically start by overextending your lower back, you reverse that motion at the bottom and your knees travel forward a lot. Also you should squat shoes other than sneakers. Check out Mark Rippetoes videos in Youtube on squats and the So you think you can squat series from Elite Fitness.


You are also going too deep, way past parallel. You should probably low bar squat as well, the Rippetoe videos will show you how.

But, it kind of depends on what your goal is. If it’s for max weight, then do what’s most comfortable. If it’s for maximum strength and muscle gains, probably low bar.


First off, ditch the shoes. Secondly, not to be pretentious or anything, why are you squatting?


as already mentioned if you do no have proper shoes, squat barefoot. Keep your core tight and chest up


I attempted low bar today after watching a couple videos about low bar squatting. for the shoes I am saving up for that. I’m using my skate shoes which are a little bit more flat compared to my adidias.

What do you guys think of my low bar squat form.

this was my filmed after my last set I did 155x5 and I decided to test out 185.


Looking much better than the first time but you still have quite a few areas to work on such as your set up and whole you start your squat, flexing the glutes or whatever works for you. Here are some videos that might help you.