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Can You Grow New Veins?


Can you grow new veins? (in response to anarobic,aerobic stimulus)?

Or do you just see more of the ones you already have as you get more muscular and lose more fat?


No. The old veins just grow.


I'm still confused.
How do old veins grow?

Do old veins get bigger? longer? thicker?
Do new veins sprout off the old ones?

I'm just wondering since I keep finding new veins. Went for a jog just this afternoon and I noticed a rather large vein over my shin. Looked odd. Who has visible veins on their shins?!


I don't know if you grow new veins in response to exercise but it is possible for your body to grow new blood vessels. For example, for a tumour to grow past a certain point it has to incite the growth of new blood vessels to supply it with blood.


I want to say yes, but it would be nice to have a doc chime in.


Veins constrict to keep you warm (counter-current heat exchange etc) and draw closer to the surface to cool you down.

Having veins that show are the product of low bf% (veins don't show through much fat) and a hot body temperature (eg. After aerobic exercise they surface to cool the blood).
They also expand to provide glucose to working muscles more quickly, or because blood flow is occulted by working muscles (like a tourniquet)

I have never heard of people growing new veins(?)


I'm beginning to think it is not possible.

Google isn't helping on this. This thread itself is the 5th search result for 'grow new veins'.


My mom's a doc, and she said that every vein in the body has its own name. For this statement to be true, either new veins don't grow or doctors should be naming each vein growing in your body.


Thanks! Question answered.


This was actually something I've been thinking about as of late since I have been seeing veins sprout up out of nowhere(due to the V-diet). Its a bit freaky though...because I'm only at 27%bf...I can't even begin to imagine how I will look by the time I'm down to 12%.


cool ... i can see the veins "wanting" to pop out on my delts, meaning i can see them, but they aint poppin out. little too much BF.. at least i can see them i guess


The answer is no you do not grow new veins. They are more visable due to less fat and as you pump blood more vigriously through your body (as done with cardio and weights) your veins become larger and more distended.

Think of your veins as being rubber and they are streched when you get more in shape and lose weight..thus they are more visable. There are so many veins in your body that you don't normally see until you loose fat and get more in shape.
Its a good thing :slightly_smiling:


Interesting thought, but based off just an opinion, it seems highly unlikeable.


The process is called angiogenesis and i dont know if it can happen with veins, but it does with arteries.

It can either proceed by splitting of existing vessels or by migration of cells to the surrounding matrix, creating new blood vessels from "scratch".

For further information search for collateral circulation or search for angiogenesis.


You can form new capillaries as well, though of course they're not visible.