Can you go over my BLOODWORK?

After an inability to drop bodyfat the last three months and a decreased sex drive I got blood work done. My doc doesn’t know how to read it! I’m not sure if I need med for my thyroid or not. Also I have been on a high protein carb restricted diet for the last 4 months if that makes any difference.

Sex Horm Binding Globulin RESULT=30.6 REF-RANGE =13-71 units nmoll

Testosterone RESULT = 450 REF RANGE= 230-700 UNITS ngdl

TSH (thy stim hor) RESULT .81 REF RANGE =.35 - 6.00 UNITS = not legibleml

IGF binding protein 1 RESULT =11 ngml REF RANGE = 10-150ngml fasted adult

IGF binding protein 2 RESULT = 301 ngml Ref Range = 215-518 for 15 –25yrs old

IGF binding protein 3 RESULT= 2.8 ugml REF RANGE = 1.2 –6.0

GROWTH HORMONE RESULT = 0.1 ngml Paper said reference range is hard to define based on fluctuations

ALL tests were done first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.