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Can You Go for Reps of 300/400/500?


This will make things more interesting.

Raise your hand if you can do any of the following for six or more reps:

(a) bench 300lb

(b) squat 400lb

(c) deadlift 500lb

Once again, don't post if all you want to say is that you hope to do this someday. This thread is to see who the big boys are.


I can only rep 400 on the Squat, the rest are probably triples.


Just (A) can do 315 for 6


I can’t rep 300+ on the bench, I can MAYBE get 6 reps at 400 on the squat, but I rep out 500+ deads all the time.


Can Probably get 300 on the bench for 5-6 (did 335 for 3 and 370 max at one point). Can do it with the dead’s and squats.


a) yes, anywhere from 8-10
b) no, my squat sucks
c) no, 530 is my top single


a) Yes

b) Yes

c) Never tried, but probably no.


I once did a 295 bench for 9 reps, then tore my supraspinatus. Never tried again.
I did a rack pull dead lift from the first pin, 564 for 4 reps.
Don’t know on squat - once did 315 for 15 reps.


A)No - 285 max
B)Yes - 550 max
C)Yes - 600 max might get 5-6 reps


bench only


[quote]detazathoth wrote:
I can only rep 400 on the Squat, the rest are probably triples.[/quote]



A.yes, B.yes, C. maybe on an extremly good day, realistically can get 4 or 5.

  1. Yes
  2. Yes
  3. Maybe - I’ve done an easy 3x3 with 495. I am probably damn close.


[quote]MODOK wrote:
How about 400/500/600?[/quote]

It’ll be a short thread.


could previously, but not anymore


a) I don’t think so… but maybe… gotten 315 X 2 with a pause when I was 20 lbs lighter. Haven’t done BB bench in a while.

b) Yes, I hit 405 X 9 on deep squat last week

c) Not a chance


[quote]elusive wrote:
I rep out 500+ deads all the time.[/quote]

Damn you elusive. I really need to deadlift more…


Yes, Yes, Yes


A. Yes, 315 x 2
B. No, 405 is about my max.
C. No, I’m at 490 with my DL.


1.) Nope. But I’m close, heh. 280x8 is my best, maybe 300 for 4; 5 if it’s a good day and I cheat :wink:
2.) Yep. 405x6
3.) Nah. My deadlifts only slightly above my squat. :-/

I think these are really only the beginnings of getting strong. Still so much room for potential at these #'s.