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Can You Go for Reps of 300/400/500?

This will make things more interesting.

Raise your hand if you can do any of the following for six or more reps:

(a) bench 300lb

(b) squat 400lb

© deadlift 500lb

Once again, don’t post if all you want to say is that you hope to do this someday. This thread is to see who the big boys are.

I can only rep 400 on the Squat, the rest are probably triples.

Just (A) can do 315 for 6

I can’t rep 300+ on the bench, I can MAYBE get 6 reps at 400 on the squat, but I rep out 500+ deads all the time.

Can Probably get 300 on the bench for 5-6 (did 335 for 3 and 370 max at one point). Can do it with the dead’s and squats.

a) yes, anywhere from 8-10
b) no, my squat sucks
c) no, 530 is my top single

a) Yes

b) Yes

c) Never tried, but probably no.

I once did a 295 bench for 9 reps, then tore my supraspinatus. Never tried again.
I did a rack pull dead lift from the first pin, 564 for 4 reps.
Don’t know on squat - once did 315 for 15 reps.

A)No - 285 max
B)Yes - 550 max
C)Yes - 600 max might get 5-6 reps

bench only

[quote]detazathoth wrote:
I can only rep 400 on the Squat, the rest are probably triples.[/quote]


A.yes, B.yes, C. maybe on an extremly good day, realistically can get 4 or 5.

  1. Yes
  2. Yes
  3. Maybe - I’ve done an easy 3x3 with 495. I am probably damn close.

[quote]MODOK wrote:
How about 400/500/600?[/quote]

It’ll be a short thread.

could previously, but not anymore

a) I don’t think so… but maybe… gotten 315 X 2 with a pause when I was 20 lbs lighter. Haven’t done BB bench in a while.

b) Yes, I hit 405 X 9 on deep squat last week

c) Not a chance

[quote]elusive wrote:
I rep out 500+ deads all the time.[/quote]

Damn you elusive. I really need to deadlift more…

Yes, Yes, Yes

A. Yes, 315 x 2
B. No, 405 is about my max.
C. No, I’m at 490 with my DL.

1.) Nope. But I’m close, heh. 280x8 is my best, maybe 300 for 4; 5 if it’s a good day and I cheat :wink:
2.) Yep. 405x6
3.) Nah. My deadlifts only slightly above my squat. :-/

I think these are really only the beginnings of getting strong. Still so much room for potential at these #'s.