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Can You Get Gyno Twice?


A friend of mine, who is on a heavy dose of Tren+Test is getting paranoid with a sensation in his nipple - can't remember left or right as I ain't pinching them :slightly_smiling:

Why he is paranoid is that as a teen he had natural occurring gyno. He even had surgery to remove them.

It made me wonder if he can get it back? Does the surgery remove only affected tissues, or also remove the actual glands that cause the flare up as well? I have no idea but I'm sure some wise posters of this forum do.

Can you get gyno again if you had them uglies removed with surgery before?


For some reason, I seem to recall a post on here about this very situation a few years back. The person, or someone he knew, had the surgery but ended up with the gyno anyway from a cycle. I think the conclusion was that it depends on whether the surgeon gets all the tissue or misses some. Anyone who remembers better, feel free to correct me, my memory might be off.


Makes sense. Though I don't know how one might tell if the surgeon got all the tissue or not.


im not 100% sure and maybe someone will correct me but i think some people are prone to getting it, and maybe the aas helps promote it quicker. again, im not sure but it can be possible, also i think its possible to get it more then once expecially at certain high doses


I had it twice. Got it first when I was a kid. I had surgery around 20 years old to remove it. It came back and I had surgery again around 25.