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Can You Gain Muscle on One Meal a Day?


I mean a big, healthy meal with enough protein, carbs, fats and so so on. Is it possible? Have any of you done it?


Most likely not. You'd be hard pressed to get all your required nutrients for the day. Im not saying its impossible (as Im sure someone some where has done it) but the fact of the matter is that it is very unlikely.


By the way, this should be in the nutrition and supplements section. :wink:


I can get stronger
on 2 meals but not 1.

it would have to be a warrior type
where you eat like three meals in a one sitting time span.

I have done it before and worked.


I've tried it...it sucks. 3+ meals a day works much better for anabolism, hormone upregulation, and overall wellbeing.

Look up "Lean Gains" by Martin Berkhan.


don't sumo wrestlers eat like once a day to get really big? if that's true it must be possible.


You got to define which kind of big you want to become


The OP asked about gaining muscle, not loads of lard.


fat man calves!


I have a muscle mag with an article about a bodybuilder who just ate rice and beans once a day,and he was a beast.

Still not something i would do.


Plus when would you be eating this meal? As a breakfast or post-workout? Also, you would have to eat like 200+ grams of protein in that one sitting to get in enough for a 24 hour period, but your body couldn't effectively use that all at once so I would say it is pretty much impossible.


Why would you want to?

If you can get all your calories in then probably. That would mean you have to eat at least a 3000 calorie meal and get enough protein. I'm guessing it would be almost impossible.


I can't begin to understand why you would ask. However, with that said, I think it would be an interesting bodybuilding experiment. Since you're the one that wants to know, why don't you make yourself the guinea pig. Post before pictures along with current lift #'s. Then go forward with your "big, healthy meal with enough protein, carbs, fats and so so on" once a day for at least a month. Report back with what you ate, how it was impacting your lifts, mood, etc. Post pictures, updated lifts, etc at end of trial. My prediction: Miserable failure. But I've been wrong once or twice before.

Berardi did a vegetarian experiment...


'09er does the one meal a day experiment?


And that bodybuilder was lying through his teeth.


yer i saw that too on md.com saying he eats rice and beans for breakfast and thats it, dont think its true though


you fucking kidding me? Gaining muscle on one meal a day lol? If it could happen 99% of the people on these boards would be pro-bodybuilders. Most often then not the answer for all these 'I can't gain any muscle' threads is simply 'eat more' and you asking if it is possible to gain muscle just by eating one meal a day? lol...


You could potentially gain muscle off one meal a day.

But you could also 'potentially' finish a book by only reading one word every 2 minutes as well...


If you're Sergio Oliva, then yes. If you're not Sergio Oliva, then probably not.


I can't believe a thread this ridiculous has gotten more than one reply. The answer is no, if you had read even a single article on this site you would have figured that out.

Read more, lift more, eat more.


Can you, as in me or 99.99% of the population gain muscle on one meal a day, NO. If I started today on the one meal a day plan I am pretty sure I would lose muscle and feel miserable.

you, as in is it possible for ANY human to gain muscle on one meal a day I say yes.

I am sure that if I first starved myself down to a near death weight then started eating one good meal a day I could gain quite a bit of muscle.

Is it likely this is a smart plan if you have a choice, no...