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Can You Fold Over the Legs of Your Singlet?


In some federations (I compete in an IPF-affiliated fed) you are not allowed to have your singlet touching your knee sleeves. I have SBD sleeves and singlet, the legs on the singlet are long so I fold over the bottom for squats. I have done this in two meets and nobody said anything, but is this actually allowed or is it just that the judges didn’t notice?


It’s more than likely illegal but honestly I don’t think anyone is going to say anything.

Just like in most feds you aren’t supposed to wear compression shorts.


In this fed (CPU) they even check to make sure you are wearing briefs and not boxers.

Maybe I should just switch to the Titan singlet with a double-layered crotch, apparently it adds 10-20lbs. to your squat and it’s IPF approved.