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Can you feel overtraining

I need a good way of knowing how to feel overtrainging DURING a workout. It would be great to know. I do about 12 - 15 sets per workout and do one bodypart per workout, each body part per week, working out about 5 days a week. What is the best split for massing. Many say its a Chest-Tris, Back-Bis, rest, Legs, rest, shoulders -->. Is it feasible to do all arms on one day, chest and abs, rest, legs, back and shoulders, rest --> repeat. I fear overtraining like the plague. Mainly cause I dont know if Im doing it.


You might be overtraining if while warming up for a workout you can’t seem to turn “on”. Prior to a workout you should go through the workout in your head and get mentally warmed up, if it seems like you won’t be able to do your workout that day then you MIGHT be overtrained. It doesn’t mean that you are, rather you’re going to need to listen to your body. Now go in and warmup, if you can’t turn “on” and you still don’t think you can get through the workout then you might be overtraining or you just might not have it that day. Go home. However, if your body feels good then your mind should come with it.

You shouldn’t have a problem if you’re eating and sleeping well. Try to get as many pre-midnight hours of sleep as possible, instead of post-midnight hours of sleep.

I think that one of the best splits that you can do would be the push, pull, and legs. I have been doing this only a few months, but hte results that I have seen are very good. One note regarding push days, every week rotate doing chest and shoulders first. When you rotate them you get a good even growth out of both of them. This single split works everything two times a week. Mon-push, tues-pull, wed-legs. You can do abs mostly anytime of the week, but suggest you do abs and lower back on monday so you don’t strain them on leg days if you do squats or dead lifts. Another tip is do forearms on tuesday, so they get some time to recover. This is the schedule that I use but you can switch it around if you want.

I remember Ian King (I think) saying that you should always aim to leave the gym feeling invigorated, when you start feeling smashed during a w/out that is the time to stop, that is a gutsy call IMO. What about Back/chest, rest, legs, rest, shoulders/arms, rest, rest. Abs every w/out. You could do GVT for 3 weeks then change to GVT2000 on diff split for 3 then week off.