Can You Eyeball my Body Fat Percentage?

Would like to know my fat percentage estimate . Thank you

Somewhere between 4 and 40%. Give or take.


Thank you ! At least i’m below 40%

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There is only a limited set of impacts body fat levels have:

  • some health related risks
  • some lifestyle related impacts
  • appearance

For each of those, your body fat levels are either:

  • too high
  • too low
  • about right

Each of the above has a pretty obvious course of action depending on your preferences/risk appetite: Lose fat, gain fat, maintain.

What is the case where you need to know your body fat levels beyond the rough guide above?

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I feel like I have more fat that I should to be in a healthy range . I’ve been low t for a while and started trt last month with an healthy diet . My fat is really on my midsection/belly and my stomach is sticking out. I’ve been loosing a couple pounds but was wondering how much I should lose to be my optimal weight.

You’re well within the healthy range in that I’m almost certain no doctor would say you need to lose fat to improve your health. IMO there isn’t really an optimal weight; there is an optimal weight for certain purposes, but that’s about it. Are you an optimal weight for you to run a marathon? Nope, too heavy. Optimal weight to be strong? Nope, way too little muscle. Optimal weight to not be at risk from diseases/conditions linked to obesity or being very underweight, probably pretty damn close.

posts like these are so weird to me. like, nobody seems to be able to make decisions for themselves.

Should I lose fat? I dunno. Do you want to have less fat? If so, you should lose fat.

What should I weigh? However much you weigh when you look and feel the way you want to. Achieve your desired aesthetic, get as strong and lean as you want to be, then step on a scale and see what it says. That’s your optimal weight.

People seem to attack these problems in such a backwards way. To me, when I was younger, I would see a physique I liked, find out what that bodyweight was, and THEN I would say ‘ok. that’s the bodyweight I’ll likely need to be at to be who I want to be.’