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Can You Explain This Violent Arrest?


Article: http://www.cbc.ca/canada/toronto/story/2009/10/16/uwo-beating.html#socialcomments

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zQnU6-YXsSo

How are police taught to subdue/restrain people? Because it looks like these retards are just using the "If it still moves hit it" approach. There's like 6 guys there, why can't they just have 1 guy per limb to pin him down?


this cant be real because thats outrageous. I dont really see how it took so many cops to subdue one criminal.


Apparently that guy got sent to the hospital.


Of course he got sent to the hospital. The cops have to have him checked out. They can't beat someone into submission and put them in a cell with no attention. And for the record, do you think they weren't trying to get the cuffs on him? They did there best. I didn't see any kicks or any blatant abuse. Maybe you guys saw something I didn't though.


Well to me it looks like the guy was trying to get away.At 0.18 sec they don't have him under restraint so how can you not use force? He was also holding the police officer's leg etc. But near the end little excessive, IMO. The article said they used batons I saw no such thing.


Early on in the video, you can clearly see one of the cops on the left kneeing the guy repeatedly UFC style. After the backup arrives, the cop on the right can be seen throwing repeated punches to where the dude's head looks to be. Near the end you can see a police baton rolling on the ground behind the clusterfuck of useless officers.


Cops tend to get the finger pointed at them when videos like this surface. A couple points...

1.) Its hard to make out exactly what is happening in that video, but it does look like the guy is resisting them. You resist, its fair game for physical detainment.

2.) Cops aren't supposed to give "a fair fight". Who cares if there are 12 of them on one guy? Their job is to handcuff the suspect and not get hurt in the process.

3.) UWO tends to get more than its share of complete douchebags. Not necessarily related...just saying.


24-30 seconds in you can see the cop closest and to the right hitting him with a baton, and you can hear it clacking on the ground a few times as the video goes on. Hey may or may not have been resisting a little bit, but IMO it was QUITE excessive. I understand it's their safety, but it was also HIS safety on the line.


He was still trying to get away though right? Should they have asked more politely? The other officers were responding to the apparent threat of their coworkers is what the whole thing looks like to me. I think the fact that he was aggressive and was trying to get away excuses everything they did. I would advise officers to not punch the back of the head, but aside from that... This guy obviously deserved it.


Oh I see now thanks. Shitty video. Do cops not know like hold/submissions or do they just like to hit people. Like a full nelson etc. May sound stupid but may save the cops from excessive force charges.


Well the dude broke two critical rules that put him in that situation and he has to deal with the consequences, those two things being, 1) don't give the cops a reason to arrest you and 2) don't resist.

Also, WTF do you think a baton is for, if not to hit people with?


I was under the impression that police batons were for taking down a potentially dangerous armed assailant (though not dangerously armed enough to warrant the use of their firearm), not gangbeating people into submission. Are police not taught any form of martial arts or grappling/wrestling? Hell they could have had 1 guy straddle each limb and that would pretty effectively make him immobile no?


What's the big deal?

When a cop says stop, you stop. When people want to squirm and kick and twist while trying to be subdued, they are allowed to knee, punch, smack with a baton and twist what ever they have to to get the person subdued.


Hell if 6 cops were kicking my ass like that I'd be trying to get away too. That dude got the baton hard.


I realize in these situation everyone becomes a critic, but this video just seems not disimilar to a bunch of university math professors sitting around struggling to solve a basic grade school arithmetic problem. It makes you go "umm, aren't you guys supposed to know how to do this?".


Thats how they do it.

You ever try to get gloves or boots on a little kid that doesn't want to wear them?

Well try getting cuffs on an adult that would rather not wear them.


Austen, a former deputy chief of operations at London police said thiss....

"He said the crowd of people who witnessed the arrest first-hand did not interfere with police."

Who the fuck would interfere with the police and get there asses beat or worst?

Police are completing their investigation, reviewing the use of force and making counselling available to those affected, including Zeljkovic and his family.

Counseling huh? Wow that is going to make everyone lives better.


The problem is... police are lazy or unfunded or untrained or all 3. They have no real tactics to take down someone they see as a threat that throws a little resistance. So the revert to the beatem and knock em out strategy. We see it time and time again. This will never stop.


Check out the view from the other side plus a college girl's ass.


@ 1:20 i thought the cop was gonna boot him in the face

Edit: instead he drops like 20 haymakers on his face.


actually if cops started hitting me I would do absolutely nothing. I would intertwine my fingers behind my back and ask them to cuff me. I am of a size that I have had cops (friends and others) that told me they would shoot me if I resisted.

The only way to win in a confrontation with the police is to submit. If they are obviously in the wrong you will win in court. It's like if you are in a bar and your told to leave. you can fight the bouncer and might even win the fist fight. You either get your ass kicked or you don't. either way you ain't getting another F-ing drink. so you lose.

If you give them any reason to kick your ass legally you lose. you get your ass kicked and you still go to jail.

Just my opinion.