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Can You Explain These Exercises?

I read about these different lifts on wikipedia. They are supposed to be the assistance exercises for snatch and clean and jerk. I haven’t been able to find any specific descriptions to how to peform them though.

  1. The jump and quick drop
  2. Pull under and jump
  3. Jump dips
  4. Long jerks
  5. Snatch balances

I can tell you snatch balance is the same as Drop Snatch, which is bar on your back, Snatch grip and you dip and push the bar up and drop under and catch it in the full squat position.

haven’t heard of the others, sorry.

jump and quick drop sounds kind of like a snatch balance. From what I’ve heard a “snatch balance” is virtually the same as the Drop snatch except you give the bar a little push upward before dropping down, where as the drop snatch only involves a quick drop under the bar. No clue about the others though.