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Can You Ever Really Come Back?

I would like to bounce this question off some of the more “senior guys” (mid thirties to forty) who have ran several cycles and then decided to leave the lifestyle completely for a long period of time.

I have always been skeptical of how we are supposed to feel as males in our mid to late thirties and after using anabolics, I know we will probably never know what could have been.

Every single man is different and how he feels, his drive, and test levels are also different, so I guess my question is…is there ever really a recovery? Do you believe it is possible to have a fully functioning HPTA after use or are we destined to be on HRT forever?

If you use on and off for 5-10 years, obviously you levels would have dropped significantly naturally and that would show in blood work anyway, but have we fried or HPTA to a point to where we could never get back to what we WOULD have been without AAS?

Are we thinking this because we are used to the superhuman feeling of AAS and now feel less being mere mortals?


Hello: You raise some interesting point’s. I believe most of the steroid?bodybuilding community actually uses aas when We?they have adaquate biological level’s already. WE starting training in our late teen’s to early twenty’s.The hormone level is at it’s highest and the addition of supraphisiolgical only make thing’s more supersized.
We train for 10-20 yr’s or less and then we slowly move away from that lifestyle. Eventually in our late 30ty’s ,or 40.or 50ty’s we reamerge,and that is when we suffer from low test.Is that from Using,or is that just our system produceing less testosterone. Maybe one,or the other or both. john

I think yes you can recuperate totally. Even when 100% natural I feel much better than what most guys the same age seem to. Of course there’s no way to know, but I sure think it’s possible. Though I have no doubt those that abuse for years could be shut off permanently.

It depends. It’s possible to “come back” and be in relatively the same position as someone else with the same age but no AAS history if one hasn’t screwed up too badly along the way…or in some cases, just been biologically unlucky. But excessive dosages, overly brief periods between cycles, and PCTs that were too short (based on bloodwork) will all take their toll, so not all make it back. Unfortunately many people just become obsessed with size, and hence the cognitive dissonance starts…rationalizing that “it’s OK, I’ll just go on HRT.”

Thanks for all the responses. Its hard to gauge what your normal “baseline” would be when you haven’t been normal.