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Can You Evaluate My Physique? What I Should Aim For?


That’s not bad. Deadlifting is an artform to me and takes practice. I freaking love them! The way I feel after a big lift. I’m addicted to othem

Dont worry about chasing numbers. Unless you plan on competing in powerlifting, you need to lift for aesthetics. Focus on perfect form, and activation of the muscle. Try the smith machine standing shoulder press. Both in front and behind the neck. In my opinion, shoulders respond to a lot of volume under lighter weights. And you are correct, shoulder injuries can be a real concern.


The bar counts too.
Congrats! All your lifts just went up 20kg!
I’m the greatest coach of all time.


I’m more or less completely focused on your legs. Like…they look hella great. Seriously.

Keep all the volume you have for lower body, but condense it down to 2-3 main compound movements, and maybe implement it 2-3 times a week.

As far as upper body goes, I’d look into 5/3/1. Something you can tweak, but still keep the principles of the program at the forefront. Prioritize upper body work, with movements that recruit large portions of your body. Bench, rows, pull ups, OHP, etc.

Keep work capacity in mind too. Higher capacity=more work done=more gains. Lol.

Add in some type of cardio (keep it short and sweet), and maybe set aside a day for active stuff.


Yeah I just realized this dude has some good potential for legs. Earlier today I glanced through these pics and though there was nothing special. Just looked again and damn he has good quads for a beginner thats trained legs for 2 months.


I was stalled out with fat loss for a while and cut out everything but fruit and oats for my carbs…maybe give that a try, some people respond poorly to corn and wheat, it worked for me. A lot of fruits are also natural diuretics, my favorite fruit is red grapes.


Other guys on here with way more knowledge, but here is what I see. Need to do shoulder shrugs. Also oblique twists bar only to help draw waist in. You have upper ab development, are you working the obliques with weight? This can cause a wider waist. I agree with what was said before about delts, more specifically front delt. Your side delts can be seen on your side pose, so you have side delts. Integrate front dumbbell raises. Also incline press to work on upper pecs. Finally, great job posting pictures asking advice. I don’t quite have the courage to. And its refreshing reading comments which are not demeaning, just honest. And great job not being defensive.