Can You Do a USPF Meet Raw?

I am planning on doing a USPF meet this summer (my first meet) and I was wondering if you must wear a bench shirt. I do not have one and do not really plan on buying one just yet because I am fairly young and inexperienced. I would rather not spend money on one until I start competing consistently

Thanks for the help

Ofocurse you can compete without it, you never have to wear gear. If the meet doesn’t have a “raw” division then you’ll have to compete against guys wearing suits/shirts but that really shouldn’t matter for a first meet. I did my first meet in just a belt and knee wraps and it was great fun.

Yes, you just have wear a singlet, thats the minimum required gear for a meet. The rest is up to you.

Lance Karabel is raw dogging it this weekend at the Fit Expo at a big time USPF meet.