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Can You Develop a 'Square Jaw'?


The story/urban legend? in another thread about Tom Platz chewing rubber balls to develop his jaw muscles made me thing of something:

Are there any exercises for the jaw muscles to give you a "square jaw" look or do you have to be born that way?


She knows.


Lots and lots of growth hormone should help.


Would the boosters work or does it need to be the real GH?


Most of that "square jaw" look is due to the structure of your mandible. It's genetic. You might possibly enhance the appearance of your jaw by developing the jaw muscles. But as in all skeletal muscle, you're only going to develop as far as your genetics allow.

Grow a kick-ass beard.


The shape is dictated by bone structure. Muscle would enhance the shape you've got I would think.


IIRC, the masseter muscle, which along with bone structure creates the square look has an abundant amount of androgen receptors. Don't have a square jaw? Want one? ROIDZ BRO!


Yes, androgens may thicken the muscles in the jaw structure since all muscles grow...but that extreme square jaw look is genetic. You either have it or you don't. If you get bigger all over, the muscles in your jaw are bound to increase to some degree.

Hell, eat over 6,000cals a day for years and six meals and your jaws will thicken up too.


Yes you can.


Losing bodyfat will make your cheeks thinner, and what jaw you have will stand out more; at least it worked that way for me.


Yep. Pat Tillman was probably very lean here.

Perfect jawline!


Real GH produced from a tumor in your own pituitary gland seems to do the trick

But a lot of exogenous should work too. Boosters... doubt it. Peptides... why not do the real deal then?

Realistically speaking though:
1. Be lean. Very lean.
(2. Chew a lot.)


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yep, see four60's response

But seriously, other than leaning out so your facial features would be more prominent, I'm not sure what other practical ways there are to get that effect.


Yeah...when Tillman died and that photo went around I'll bet recruitment went up a few percent. The guy was a hero and looked the part!


Me too. Leaner = "flatter" cheeks and a more pronounced jaw line. Makes a big difference for me.


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