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Can You Deadlift 140 Kgs For 30 Reps In 7 Mins?

I’ve read an interesting article written by Dan John some time ago about deadlifting 315 pounds for 60 reps in 30 mins. Being tired of using 531 for my deads, I thought, why not experiment with it? Now to give you a clearer picture, I weigh about 75 kgs at 5’8 and my max is anywhere between 150-160 kgs.

I started playing with the 100 kgs and experimenting with different durations. After some time, I picked 30 reps as a recoverable target if I wanted to deadlift at least every other week. I found out that 10 mins are too much time for 30 reps, 15 mins are just a cardio and grip workout (not to mention lower back murder), and 5 mins are just too short. So I concluded that 7 mins are the sweet spot and got on with it. After about 8 weeks of starting this, I’m now deadlifting 110 kgs for 20 reps in 7 mins (making sure my form doesn’t break and I never go to failure). In the first 3-4 minutes I do them EMOM style, starting by 2 reps in the first week and then going up. In the last 3 mins though, you’ll need more time to rest.

My goal for now is to at least be able to use the 140 at the end of the year or in January maybe. I know that gyms may close back again, I plateau, or some other life shit happens, but this is the best case scenario in my mind so I’ll stick with it. All in all, I just liked to share my thoughts with you, and I’m also curious to know if anyone of you has done something like this before, or is interested in.

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Not really this but I did 100 x 100kgs deads in around 8 mins. for me it was more cardio than everything. For you I think that just increasing your 1RM will wield the most results! So you should probably focus more on that.

Also, little sets with little rest is better than the other way around

Can you elaborate more because I don’t understand?
Also, I’m using this program as a way to get stronger on deadlifts. There may be better programs to increase my strength, but I’m tired of those so I’m using this one until I run it to the ground.

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Oh sorry my brain is lagging I misread the thing a bit. So you’re deadlifting 110 for 20 in 7 mins and you plan to increase the weight over time without changing the other parameters?

What is the rest of your program looking like?

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Yeah I’ll keep the 7 mins and try to get 30 reps during that time, obviously increasing the reps as much as I can every time I deadlift. When that is done, I increase the weight.

I’m on the low-volume side in my program, I do 1-4 hard sets per muscle each week (4 days of actual training). After a lot of experimenting I found that they fit me the most. I get the best gains I can with the least amount of work while actually getting stronger and recovering pretty well. The reps are varied though depending on the exercise, generally not less than 8 reps and not more than 20.

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How are you structuring your reps over the time limit? Funnily enough I did almost that in my last workout, kind of by accident.

My program called for 4 sets of 7, then an AMRAP, with 3 minutes rest my last 2 sevens plus an Amrap of 15 was 29 reps of 137.5 in just under 7 minutes.

I think a good way of chasing it would be to do 2 sets of 7 then an Amrap, if you get 16 reps on your AMRAP, up the weight.

Week 1 you might get 7,7,7 at, say, 100kg, then 7,7,9 etc. Hit 7,7,16 and you bump the weight 5kg.

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