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Can You Cycle Testosterone? Dave Asprey Says You Can

He writes
Be sure you cycle testosterone, too. After taking it for a couple years, I forgot to cycle, and I suffered gonadal hypotrophy – my balls shrank. Don’t let this happen to you!

I’m all good now, by the way. I talked with a doctor about it and we decided to use a short course of HcG (another hormone) to correct the problem. Fortunately, the boys are full-size and happy again.

And then again
Cycle testosterone. Testosterone isn’t something you take constantly for years and years and years. Typically, you’ll cycle 6 weeks on, 1-2 weeks off. If you don’t cycle off, you could end up with testosterone off the charts (horny, pimply teenager syndrome) or you could end up with benign testicular atrophy (small ball syndrome — it’s cosmetic, but guys aren’t too thrilled when it happens).

He’s not talking about TRT tho, right? He’s talking about cycling T for normal ppl, coming off, taking HCG to regain ball size, then going back on cycle. If he’s talking about replacement therapy, never heard anything like that before

I’ve been cycling testosterone for the last 6+ years.

Here’s my cycle:

Injection on Saturday, then no injection Sunday, and Monday.

Inject on Tuesday, then no injection Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

That cycle has worked ok for me, so that Dan Osprey guy must be right.


No he does not use HCG. He writes that once he he forgot to cycle and hes balls got small. And after that hes doctor gave him HCG for a short period, to regain ball size. He states that he cycles, as stated above.

Thats not a cycle.

Shirley, you can’t be serious.



What he talks about is he takes testosterone for 6 weeks, then dosent for 2 weeks. What you write is not a cycle, a cycle is you take something continuous for a while then take a break.

You take a drug for a time continuously, after you take a break from the drug

Most guys do not get acne. As for the libido, as long as your partner is on the same page, and they usually are, it’s all good. Regarding atrophy, most guys do not care, and most women do not either, as long as everything else works. Some do, but most do not.

Still, from a health perspective, I don’t see a problem with a 6 on, 2 off program. Back in the old days, we would do 6-12 weeks, 4-8 weeks off, AAS cycles dependent on competition schedules and peaking cycles.

Is this the Bulletproof Coffee moron? I would avoid anything he has to say, on virtually any subject, based on reading a couple of his things. He needs to get his head out of his rectum and learn something.

Ok so back in the days you cycled TRT? Dave has also done it for a decade, so he must be old school. But he talks about TRT not superphysiological amounts

yes, why do you call him a moron. Hes pretty cool, i like hes podcast, actually i think hes a genius. I owe alot to him.

I read some of his articles, he’s full of sh#@. Anybody that feels that he used “only bioidentical” hormones and “not steroids”, is clearly an idiot. They’re all steroids, and they’re all synthetic. He “forgot” to cycle. You don’t cycle TRT, and testicular atrophy is going to happen if you don’t use HCG. It’s not rocket science, it’s basic biology. If you don’t use something, it atrophies. Arm, leg, balls, doesn’t matter.Cycling is for guys with normal function uing AAS for performance enhancement. He’s a moron.


No, we did not cycle TRT, we cycled AAS/PED. I saw no harm in that, so I’m just saying I am not seeing any harm in it for TRT. I also don’t know why you would, but yeah, you could. Just might not feel that great for a few weeks cycling off.

By the way, I did this for fifteen years. Been on TRT for seven now.

The 7 years you was on TRT was not cycle?

OK, semantics here. Yes, I have been on a seven year “cycle” and plan to run this cycle until I die. I’m hoping for a thirty year cycle then.

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If the person on TRT is replacing the testosterone that should naturally be there, but isn’t there due to some reason - I don’t consider it a cycle.

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No hes not, listen to hes podcast. I do not take TRT for low t, my free levels and all hormone levels where normal. Exept for total T which was pretty low. But i think this could be solved naturally, by sports and so. But i think some autoimmune or other problem is causing havoc in my body. I react almost instantly on testosterone, like my body has not had it before. I think there is no all answer on this, and for some people cycling could be done, just like you cycle AAS, you can cycle smaller amounts if needed. Drugs are tools not dogmas.