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Can You Change the Way the Forum Looks?


I want to change the layout, like BB.com layout.


Then go there.


Why? Black and red too hardcore for you?


HAHAHA...No its the way it layed out..Im not used to it, its confusing.


Please explain why?




Holy shit! The subversives are getting more and more brazen. We're under full out attack! I knew it, I fucking knew it! First, it starts with the trolls in GAL and SAMA. They butter us up, weaken our resistance with this constant onslaught of disinformation and propaganda. Then they infiltrate the site's moderators by procuring memberships with join dates going back several years, thinking we won't notice anything funny about a member who joined in 2003 and has 4 posts to his name, only to multiply it by fifty within five minutes as part of some massive, wide-ranging COINTELPRO operation. Then they send in the real heavy guns in the form of covert agents with huge, glaring nipples over in SAMA. And now this! An unambiguous attempt to turn this site into fucking BB.com.

When will it stop?!?!?!


Get the hell over it.

pic unrelated


Well there were some changes to the layout of links and the Hub/Message Center today. I can't say I like the change, will just get used to it.


yeah I'm not liking the change either. I may have a different opinion a couple weeks from now though. Hey at least they got the google search for crying out loud, lol.


The new layout looks good, good job team!


Interesting how they gave neural charge it's own link


For all of you that ever PM me, SORRY - now that I can't see my inbox, I doubt I'll be as prompt with getting back to people.

C'mon Mods! Why fuck up a good thing?


It was a bit of a mess to navigate before, it makes sense.


I don't think it's bad, just different. They do seem to change the layout a lot, don't they?

Trial runs?


I really dislike this new layout. The team here needs to learn how to A/B test, instead of just throwing changes out all at once, without utilizing test data to support a change.

I think there's a laundry list of other things they could work on instead of constantly changing the link layout and section display.


I use the site at work so I have images purposely turned off. It's alot harder to navigate now in my case.


liked the old one. when i hover over forums now there is no GAL forum, have to navigate to another page to get to it


I don't disagree at all. There's an initial "wtf am I looked at and where do I find ___" moment, when they change it all at once.