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Can you can too much Biotest?

Duplication of efforts can often cause more damage (lack of results) than good. Here’s my situation. In the past 3 months I have dropped 21 lbs. by using MD6, fish oil, tons of cardio and a very low caloric diet. The calories where low enough to where I was the walking poster child for overtraining, I had every symptom in the book. But one week from today I can start eating like a man again and bulk. Here’s what I have had laying around since I could not gain any weight during my cutting phase. Surge, Mag-10, Methoxy-7, Creatine, T2, MD6. My plan is to using Massive Eating protocols for the diet. Mag-10 for the first two weeks, Methoxy-7 everyday, Surge pre/post workout, creatine with my protein and MD6 pre workouts for energy. With my cutting phase I was motivated and went all out, with the bulking phase I plan on doing the same but don’t want to take too many supplements. Too many as in using two different things via the same pathways. The only problem I could possibly forsee would be the creatine while I’m on Mag-10? Is it going to help me that much? When I take a lot of creatine I get a great leg workout and it’s from getting on and off the pot from my stomach being so messed up. Any help would be great.

It looks as if I need a supplement for grammar and spelling. The title was supposed to be, Can you Take too Much Biotest?

Why didn’t you use all those supplements when you were dieting? Or at least the MAG-10.

I was told that Mag-10, even on a low caloric diet could increase body weight. I have a weigh in where ever ounce counts so I didn’t want to “risk” it. Plus I would much rather use Mag-10 when I’m eating like a man. I did take Methoxy-7 quite a bit and MD-6 and T2 where part of my daily regiment.