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Can You Beat-up a 5th Grader?


Got to http://www.howmanyfiveyearoldscouldyoutakeinafight.com/ and fill out the survey LOL...Below is my score the shits funny as hell in the ?'s

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Shit my code didnt work


My result:

You could take on 23 five year old kids in a fight.


26 5th graders over here



I think with my skills of fighting off the zergs helped.


Said I could take 25 at once. I LOL'd at the one where it says would you feel right using one of them as a weapon ha.


You could take on 32 five year old kids in a fight.


25, but I think I could persuade/intimidate a few to fight on my side.


as for the 90 yearolds I could take on 28! ha


Damn, you guys are all more badass than me... :frowning:


I can also take 31 ninety-year-olds.


Yeah, it said 35 for me, so I guess 90 year-olds are not as tough as 5 year-olds.


Mine for 5th graders was 32 or 36...ill try the old person one now


Says 39 90 yearolds...Lol old people and 5th graders should have a lock down drag out cage spectical!


I could take 39.

Im not so sure thats true, 39 of anything is going to absolutely mob you.


Test says 26, but since only 4 can attack simultaneously and they can only hurt me by attacking my balls (which apparently isn't allowed) I think it would depend on how long my cardio lasts.

If I can create space to move in and avoid being Zerg rushed! kekekekeke lol and taken to ground.. it would certainly result in many 5 y/o corpses before mine would join them.. it would probably be a death by suffocation once they started piling on me.


5 year olds are not in 5th grade lol. I got 22 though. I don't see why height factors into the criteria though, that's not fair lol


You could take on 33 five year old kids in a fight.


It said 28... i feel like my lack of martial arts experience kills me here. I only put 'a little'
I feel like I could take a shit load more though. One punch/kick and they are out fucking cold or at least for a few minutes. Easy to gouge eyes or kick throats too. You would have to be deadly lethal to make sure u don't waste energy.


You could take on 27 five year old kids in a fight.

I lose..