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Can You Assess my Progress

I’ve been lifting for almost a year (since March 08) and I’ve made some noticeable progress but I find that I didn’t improve that much compared to some guys who’ve been hitting the gym for a while.

Height - 5’7
BW - 64kg (around 15% bf) to 72kg (no noticeable change in bf)

Bench press 70kg for 5 reps
Squat 100kg for 5 reps
Deadlift 110kg for 5 reps

Especially for bench press and squat, I find them really hard to go heavy and push myself when I don’t have a spotter because of the times when I can’t get the bar up. I’ve switched to dumbbell bench press for a few weeks and I noticed that it’s easier for me to go up in number than barbell bench.

I’ve been using Rippetoe’s Starting strength program.

You didn’t post any starting lifts, what are we supposed to assess?

Ok the starting stats are

Bench press 30kg for 10 reps
Squat - started from 60kg, 5 reps
Deadlift - worked my stats and form from 30kg, 5 reps

I’ve started bench press since March 08 and the two other lifts I’ve started around September 08.

#1 Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. There will always be someone bigger, faster and/or stronger then you. It’s a waste of time. Track YOUR own progress.

#2 If your stalling out on a program, change things up. There are a million programs, many great ones on this site (use search function) that you can try out.

#3 If you want to get stronger, gain some weight. (Read: Eat More)

If you’re stalling on gaining size in less than a years time its probably got to do with your nutrition. What’s that like?

That’s pretty decent gains in strength for your first year. As far as size goes, that’s eating, so if you aren’t gaining size or you are unhappy with the rate that you are gaining size, you’re not eating enough, simple as that.