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Can Working Out Slow Growth?


Okay Im not asking If working out will stunt growth, rather slow your bodys natural growth. So in theory you would still reach your full growth it would just take longer. I have been weight lifting since I was about 8 and Im currently 18.5 years old and dont even have facial hair and I just lost my last baby tooth last year. I guess im just a "late bloomer" but I was wondering if working out could have had an effect on my growth.


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the OP is probably a troll, but I actually knew a girl that didn't lose her last baby teeth until she was 22. But, in all due respect, and I mean all due respect , her teeth were FUBAR. She had braces for 10 years and still looked like a cross between jaws, a saber-tooth tiger, a chupacabra, and a rabid beaver/raccoon hybrid animal. Plus, she was so fat her ass grew it's own baby ass.


yo wtf why are you guys being tards? This is a serious question and it seems pretty legit to me


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I doubt anybody on here can help you with that. Your probably the only one that started working out at age 8. But weight training would not have anything to do with facial hair or baby teeth....wtf?


You might have what we call a "metro gene" of some sort. No facial hair at 18? Do you wear pink hollister

LMFAO. But naw, just dont damage your knees "brah" and you gonna be aiight.


yes, not only that, but it can make you shorter. the weight compresses the spine on deadlifts and squats. when my basketball career ended I started doing rack walkouts with 2000 lbs on the bar, cause I didn't really need to be so tall, ya know?. I've shrunk 3 inches in 6 months.


Wait... so you actively tried to be shorter? if thats you in your avatar then you are built pretty damn well especially at 6'7 down from 6 '10? im damn impressed, but just shocked that someone would try to be shorter and also shocked that you found a bar that held 2 grand. was it a horseshoe when you were done?


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And btw the OP asked, in another thread, if steroids stunt penis growth in 16-20 year olds specifically.

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Man, how the fuck is facial hair and baby teeth related to weightlifting.

If anything, weightlifting would promote hair growth due to increased amounts of growth hormones being released.




It actually promotes growth, the negating effects of steroids occur after ending all cycles.

but, yea, gay question to ask regardless.


Late Bloomer? Have you at least started your period yet?


I hope that isn't a serious reply.