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Can Women Sense Low/High Testosterone?

This may seem like a stupid question but I feel like women are more attracted to me when i’m high testosterone and the opposite when i’m low . Can they sense this or something?

I think it’s possible. Testosterone is what makes us masculine.

You likely behave and act differently when your T is high vs low as well.

Yes, its not the testosterone itself but probably a symptom of high or low is what they notice. What all the possible symptoms are I have no idea, probably many little ones we are not aware of like smell and stuff.

Absolutely, in fact about 5 years ago I met a woman - tall, brunette, smart as a whip - who knew my T levels within a couple points or so.

She’s my doctor.


How do you know when you’re "high testosterone " and not?

I have hypogonadism and i’ve been on trt on and off in the past year because doctors over here are dumb. Everytime I was on trt women were more into me somehow and my relationship with my girlfriend is better during this time too

I know this might be a coincidence but i’m starting to feel like there’s a huge connection between testosterone and attraction.

Probably because you give off a more confident vibe.

Little known fact: women over 25 measure it subconsciously by measuring the length of your bank balance.


I’ve been told it’s not the length of one’s bank account, but the girth of one’s portfolio that really gets women going…

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They can smell it.

They pick up on the behaviors that come from each

Is it cool, if I chime in? Considering I actually am a woman (edit: no hostility intended)

Can women sense high or low testosterone levels? The vast majority of us? Nope probably not. Quite a few women can’t even spell Testosterone, let alone tell when it’s at higher or lower levels within a male.

I also don’t think the vast majority of women give a shit about it. Between women caring more about their own outward appearances, money, success, etc. a mans T-levels probably only matter the most to her when she wants kids.

No to mention men come in all shapes, sizes, personalities, etc. so judging solely on outward appearances, words spoken, etc. may or may not be the most reliable.

I’m sure there’s hefty and moderately lean guys with insanely low test levels, while there’s guys rather on the skinny side with very healthy test levels.

Perhaps some women can smell it, some probably can’t. Perhaps some women can sense it, some probably can’t. I wouldn’t generalize anything though.

So to answer your question: some women can, some women can’t. And most don’t particularly care.

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I would say it’s our evolutionary imperative to care. Can women sense levels? As far as I know not consciously, but as noted upthread we can certainly observe its impact on male secondary sexual characteristics and behavior. Studies support that women are more sexually aggressive when ovulating, and experience increased attraction to men with high testosterone. Studies show that men’s test levels change more when encountering an ovulating woman than when encountering a non-ovulating one. So ultimately yes, men and women “sense” one another hormonally.

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I didn’t read the actual study, so take it with a grain of salt

There may be something in your scent when you have high T. Piss on a rag when low and when high, take it around to women and see which one they like better… I don’t think you have to keep it in a jar or anything, it should still stink dry. Just stay away from asparagus.

The other factor is you are hornier when your high so you just may be paying more attention.

I think you’d have to be high to do this lol

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