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Can Weight Training Cause Hair Loss?

I’ve been experiencing some thinning in my temple area. The timeframe seems to roughly coincide with two events in the past year:

  1. Starting lifting weights with seriousness.
  2. Going through a stressful period of mental and emotional turmoil over a girl.

Concerned, I scoured the Internet for more information, and came across articles saying weight lifting can contribute to, or accelerate, hair loss in men. It seems there is a consensus that there definitely is a risk for hair loss if you use steroids, but whether or not just lifting weights can contribute seems to be up in the air.

The main article that this topic came up, and is often quoted from, is from The Sun, a UK tabloid newspaper whose credibility seems to be questioned? (Any UK people here?) Factually though, testosterone spikes after a workout session, no? And that testosterone gets converted to DHT?

Does anyone have any more information on this subject?

I wanted to get big, and I also just plain enjoy my workout sessions. But I don’t know if I want to do it at the risk of going bald. I’m not big or muscular, but I’m not overweight either. Honestly, I’d rather be not fat with a full head of hair over muscular but bald.

And, before anyone suggests it - no, I’d rather not shave my head. I don’t have the head shape for it and look terrible with my head shaved.

For what it’s worth, I’m 27 years old, Asian (Korean). I’ve read Asians are the least susceptible to male pattern baldness out of any ethnic group save for Native Americans - and based on fellow Asian men around me - all of them under the age of 40 seem to have all or most of their hair. Granted - including the ones who weight train.

My maternal grandfater was bald when he passed away at age 70+, but he didn’t really start losing hair until he was 50+. My father has also lost some hair, but only started after 40+, and still has most of his hair today as he approaches 60. All my maternal uncles have more or less full heads of hair at 50 and 60+.

Any pointers?

Well the conversion to DHT CAN in fact speed up MPB… if you’re genetically pre-disposed to it… but that usually happens from using exogenous testosterone (AAS) not from a testosterone spike…

I wouldn’t think that a SPIKE would create NEAR the environment from test to convert to DHT… there’s just not enough to cause such a conversion…

Just lift, and get huge…

Why do I feel like I’m always buying into troll bullshit??? lol

Well, as a student I can tell you STRESS can cause hair loss or graying. I know more than one asian, who, as he is finishing high school is working the hardest he ever has and their hair gets gray strands. Usually the white people just have hair fall out - and it has happened to me!

Stressful periods such as exams can do all sorts of things to the body. Maybe your girl problems are causing similar problems due to stress?

Strength training will not thin your hair. The amounts of testosterone released during a workout are not NEAR enough to cause hair loss.

If you are on 'roids (and you’re not), this is slightly more of a risk, especially with large sustained doses.

Much more likely, you are losing hair due to stress. And by ‘much more likely’, I mean of the two options you presented (there could be others), this is the only one that seems reasonable.

Are you doing head stands as part of your weight training?

[quote]chimera182 wrote:
Are you doing head stands as part of your weight training?[/quote]

Right, and make sure you are not bouncing the bar off your head when doing overhead presses.

the stress is far more likely a cause or it could just be coincidence.

By the way, the sun is toilet paper.

[quote]Its All U wrote:
chimera182 wrote:
Are you doing head stands as part of your weight training?

Right, and make sure you are not bouncing the bar off your head when doing overhead presses.[/quote]

Lol yeah I know a guy Keith who started balding because he would practice headspins (break dancing) without a beanie/helmet on.