Can We Talk about Arimidex for a Second?

I’m currently in my 5th week of a test cyp cycle that consists of 600mg per week split into 2 pins per week.
I’ve been using 1mg if arimidex split into 2 doses of .5mg per week.

For the last 10 days I suspect my E2 has gone high.

  • lethargic
  • bloated
  • cold sweats at night
  • poor sleep cycle.

Now for my question…
Does arimidex actually lower my current E2 level? (Don’t think so)
Or will it only prevent aromatisation of future Test injections?(this is what I think)
I bumped up my adex dosage to .5mg eod, I’m feeling slightly better (fingers not bloated slightly less lethargic) but I’m thinking that’s because it’s been 2 days since my last pin of Test.
My thought is that I should continue to get back to normal over the coming days as the adex controls the E2 conversion of tomorrow’s pin.

Is this correct?
Or does taking.5mg of adex actually begin to reduce the E2 currently in my body?

arimidex can only prevent you from producing more E2. For 600 mg of testosterone that was an exceedingly low dose of arimidex. I need 1mg arimidex per 200mg of testosterone. I’ve read that one milligram per 100 is pretty typical

Thank you Verne for confirming what I thought.

I’ve been on TRT for a year and have had very low E2 without any AI used, so I was afraid to dose too high.
I’m basically feeling around in the dark without blood work, so I’m going to get a test later in the week.

That is a great example of why we all need to just spend the $70 on a blood test. I would’ve thought that whatever you need at 100mgs per week. just double it for 200mgs. Apparently that isn’t always true

Adex should be taken eod imo… for 600mg test cyp, I take .5 eod… when I run dbol with it, I have to bump it up sometimes. Adex also works within a week or so, you’ll notice the change. Just can t jump the dose up and down every 3 days… pick an amount, and run it for at least a week to see how you are. But I’m a little new to all this so take it or leave it…

Depends on the person. I run test at 600 mg a week and don’t require an AI whatsoever. Just tamoxifen ed. Get your blood drawn.

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tamoxifen that Drug is designed to lower estrogen levels same purpose different method

Thanks for the input everyone.
I’ve been doing.5mg eod for a week. Symptoms are improving but still some bloating and lacking motivation.

I’m having blood drawn Thursday morning.

Well if what I understand is true. it takes just shy of seven days for estrogen to leave your system. So whatever you do there will be a one week lag time. Never hurts to look things up for more official information than I’m giving you.

No it’s not. It’s designed to block estrogen at the chest specific receptor. It doesn’t systemically lower overall estrogen which is good because lowering esteogen can be quite harmful.

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Please post your numbers.

E2=22pg/ml - 80 pmol/L seems optimal for most guys.

Anastrozole is a competitive drug that interferes with T at aromatase enzyme reaction sites. The goal is E2 modulation, not elimination. AI drugs reduce FT–>E2 generation, but do nothing to reduce existing E2 in you body. Your liver clears E2 from your body. Some drugs, some gear or liver conditions can reduce E2 clearance in the liver, so E2 levels rise.

E2 labs: Please be on a steady dose of anastrozole dose for 7-10 days prior to labs. Try to feel your way into a dose that seems somewhat beneficial. Then lab results can be used to calculate a dose refinement. Like sighting a gun, you can’t get dialed in if you are not hitting the paper [target].

If you get E2=32pgml.
Target is E2=22pg/ml
New anastrozole dose is old anastrozole dose X 32/22
yes, that simple

It take a week for a dose change to work, making fast snap dose changes is a disaster. It is all about the half-life that I will not explain further.

have you read the specific literature regarding that anti-breast cancer drug? You might find it interesting

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My e2 ranges between 28-45 on the ultra sensitive. And there is zero difference in how I feel or
Side effects. I would ALWAYS rather have e2 slightly high over low. I also think personally the range is extremely subjective. I have patients that feel perfect with 50 e2 readings. Essentially the spot tests aren’t that correct as e1 and e3 also need to be considered as do the elimination pathways of estrogen. Some people are more heavily pushed to c4 and c16 pathways versus c2. Some people have reabsorptin issues with their gut. The majority of issues with high e2 levels have much more to do with liver and gut health as opposed to jut testosterone dosing. It’s why DUTCH studies are the gold standard now for hormone testing. It shows a full day of hormone cycles and which pathways are being utilized.

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Yea. And we prescribe it in my practice regularly. Have you read the studies on arimidex? Or how about estrogens role in immune health or serotonin production or how about bone health etc. the anti estrogen fever is honestly so overblown.

Yes I have I find anything I put in my body rather interesting

Smart. It’s crucial to stay informed! Makes you a better patient than most.

No I didn’t start off that way. I went in there and said give me whatever you will. I had to slowly figure out what was not quite right

Well you ended up where you need to be!

Looked a little bit at your profile there. I’m going to say it’s too bad you’re not Washington state. your perspective would be unique. Far better than average on this subject