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Can We Still PM?


Obviously I’m a bit behind with the new and improved site design and not very computer savvy. Can we still PM others because I can’t seem to locate that function.

Also where is the level # for purchases we made. I was a level 100 and now I don’t see any level anywhere. Or is the 1 next to my name the level?


PMs aren’t a feature of the new forum design.

The levels don’t quite translate the same. The current level system relates to forum activity (commenting, threads viewed, etc.), not purchases.


Interesting, is there a way for users to see this, or is this a more ‘internal’ level system? Just wondering out of pure curiosity.


You should be able to see anyone’s “Trust Level” in their profile and you can view your own stats (posts read, posts created, likes given/received, etc.) in the Summary section of your own profile.

I don’t remember offhand what activity levels correlate to what trust levels, but it’s a very basic way to tell, like, someone who show up to post one question and disappears from a more regular member.


Ok thanks. I assume the only way to contact other members privately would be through email if they provided it.