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Can We Stand Another Knee Question?

It seems like all our knees went out at once, doesn’t it. I have pain in my right knee that seems to originate from the back of the knee, in the tendons in back of the joint on either side. Squatting seems to aggravate it, as I feel it for days after I squat. I haven’t squatted in over a week now, and it is almost gone.

I read Ian King’s Needless Knee Pain article, and have been doing some of the stretches he outlines. The quad/hip flexor stretches primarily involve having the stretch-side foot elevated on a bench behind you. Now it gets weird. When I do such a stretch, it feels like I am COMPRESSING something in the back of my knee joint, right were the pain seems to originate from in the first place.

Are there any stretches that target the connective tissue at the back of the joint (assuming this is really the problem)? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

All right! I can’t wait to try out all the great suggestions :slight_smile: