Can We Get an Injury Forum on T-Nation?

[quote]Iron Dwarf wrote:
Living with chronic injuries is painful enough. Talking about them ad nauseum in a T-Nation “support group” sounds more painful.


Sorry Cyrus.[/quote]

I think this was said in jest but I find there’s a lot of truth to it. When I talk about my injuries, or even think about them too much, they start hurting more. I think the forum idea is a good one though. It’s good too share what you’ve learned about your injuries - if you can.

I’ve found the internet to be very useful. If you go to a doctor regarding something like a piriformis injury you will end up seeing a bunch of chumps who don’t know jack about it. Doctors are only useful for injuries that are common to the masses. Hardcore people like us often sustain injuries that are not common but they are common to us. Sharing amongst ourselves is often the best way to get some of these injuries figured out.