Can We Get an Injury Forum on T-Nation?

A forum cataloging various injuries and methods of rehab/repair. Accounts from other T-members while subjective would be helpful.

E.g. Rotator cuff Tendinitis - 1. first hand accounts 2. treatment 3. rehab exercises 4. time line for return to action.

I understand the variance in severity is case by case, but a forum as such is a boat load better than another "guess my BF% bullshit…

Look i understand with the invention of the internet i can Google shit but time line, road to recovery stuff from others who lift day in and out seems more beneficial.

Sounds useful, but I don’t think T-Nation will want to take the responsibility if further injuries happen due to the advice given from those forums. There are a lot of causes of injuries with similar symptoms and it is very hard to determine what is wrong with someone unless you can directly assess him or her.

This seems like an excellent idea. This happens anyway on the forums, it would just be a case of grouping the threads like they did with training logs into one forum.
And perhaps a clear and specific disclaimer along the lines ‘you are responsible for what you do, we don’t accept responsibility’ would be enough?

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It wouldn’t be a good idea, like Taufiq said, there are lots of injuries with similar symptoms, if someone tells you to do A for injury A that they think you have, but it turns out you have injury B, you could do a lot more damage to yourself. Then someone would try blaming the forum etc, just way too much bad potential.

However you could just have a forum with one thread in that is locked and says “Go see a doctor/physiotherapist in person.” As that’s probably the best advice that can be given online.

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Damnit, another possible way for my fiancee to complain about my time spent on T-Nation :wink:



I disagree with the theme of some of these posts. There are many of us who could give good advice, and more often than not it would probably involve saying “…hey, we can’t diagnose you, go get it checked out and come back to us with some info”, plus there is alot of generic injury advice people are being given that as a collective, we could troubleshoot quite well here.

As BBB said, would be another good reason to play on this site :slight_smile:

Lol, if people like BBB is going to frequent that forum, then I don’t have any complaints about it. I’m just concerned about people who don’t know much about injury treatments giving out advices on internet forums.

Then trust that the forum will self-regulate itself, like most do, and people will correct individuals who are obviously wrong.

Remember, the majority of the threads here are dealing with people giving advice about lifting rather large weights in all kinds of potentially dangerous ways…I think this website has already gone down the path of allowing advice to be given in a rather loosely moderated way from these forums.

i’m not saying don’t see a physician, i’m simply stating: it would be a means to catalog this shit together, e.g. i have a shoulder injury where can i look for info, who also went through this and might offer info on rehab, time frame for rest recovery etc, things to make me fell better about said injury.

when you’ve been going after this shit hard for some time and then you are tripped up and cannot train it is a kick in the nuts.

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GOOD IDEA, eric cresey would be the man on that forum.

Living with chronic injuries is painful enough. Talking about them ad nauseum in a T-Nation “support group” sounds more painful.


Sorry Cyrus.

[quote]Iron Dwarf wrote:
Living with chronic injuries is painful enough. Talking about them ad nauseum in a T-Nation “support group” sounds more painful.


Sorry Cyrus.[/quote]

yeah, i understand not the stuff you want to read or hear about prior to heading out the door to the gym. I’ve developed an acute case of rotator cuff tendinitis today was my first day back after a week of rest and ice.

it was going to be a chest day but my shoulder wasn’t up to par, i lightened everything and did a TB workout, after a week off i wanted to hit everything.

i live w/ a doctor so she examined me from home and gave me the rehab exercises, i did none of them however. i instead trained all upper body today minus shoulders, i tried to keep shoulder recruitment to a minimum. Fucking shoulders are in nearly every movement to some degree!!!

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good idea on the injury sub-forum… other forums have them without any major “you got me injured!” incidents i’ve ever heard of. the quality of the posters here would make it a useful addition.

This is a good idea. I seem to remember that members have been mentioning this type of forum for a while, but it’s never come. I don’t think it ever will.


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The fact that we are not even TOLD about the mere existance of such a drug boggles the mind. Yeah I know chiro is supposed to be a ‘drug free philosophy’ (perhaps that’s why the fates decided I’m not suitable to be a chiro, lol), but surelt that shoudn’t be the point as we should be able to inform patients of the options available to them, no?


Yeah, the fates are telling you that you’re better then them!

What is this drug? Just out of curiosity. You can PM it to me if you don’t want to announce it.


Good idea, I like it.

Let’s hope this idea gets off the ground somehow.

I know frontloading the list would be - shoulders, knees, lower back, strained ligaments, torn pecs, bicep tears, etc. - woo boy it’s going to be a long list. I agree with the OP’s concept of how they should be catalogued; maybe even pictures for the sadistic could be an option.

Some explanation of how the injury happened, what equipment/lack thereof was used/omitted, steps taken to assess nature of the injury, pain relief options, rehab time frame windows, etc. “How are you doing now?” scenarios…

If T-Nation agrees to launch this sub-forum a caveat or concisely worded warning plain & simple would absolve them of any assclown litigation if things go majorly wrong in following any faulty or flawed advice. Legal stuff, blah, blah, blah.