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Can We Finally Put this to Bed



so he's not a citizen?


Did you watch it?


Apparently. The evidence presented points to no other conclusion then: non-us-citizen.


The only "evidence" I saw was testimony. I'm assuming you guys take certainly believe in Christ then. Based on all the overwhelming testimony you' be an idiot not to believe in him.

I don't necessarily think he's ineligible for office, or that he's a Kenyan, but he is definitely hiding something. I personally would like to know what.


If he's a citizen and has nothing hide, why doesn't he just release his damn birth certificate? I've never understood this.


His own birth certificate is not enough. He needs to also provide proof of citizenship for both of his parents dated before his birth. In order to be eligible of office, you must be a natural born citizen, not just a citizen. That means you must be born on U.S. soil, AND both parents must be citizens of the U.S. at the time of your birth.

This has been defined by congress recently, not just implied by the Constitution. I heard a rumor that Obama himself voted in favor of this definition, but I'm not positive.


I'm currently searching the Library of Congress for links to back up what I'm saying. Interesting... They've been trying for quite some time to amend the definition to include foreign nationals who have been citizens for 20 or 35 years.


I did, however, find a bill (first one in the search) that clarifies the fact that John McCain is a natural born citizen, even though he was born on a military base overseas. I wonder why that question was brought up?


More recently...


I am supposed to believe Barack Hussein Obama is a natural born American citizen because Robert Gibbs says so?

I find it strange, that of all the videos regarding this debate, you chose this one to "put this to bed".


Awww, shit, my day just got a little brighter...there are TWO birther threads on PWI today!


Of course he's hiding something, he's hiding a whole lot of shit. If he wasn't hiding something, then he'd just release his actual birth certificate, like every other damn candidate. This from the man who promised us the most "transparent administration". HA! what a load of shit.

One thing to keep in mind about Obama, is his amazingly large ego. It's a driving force in anything that he does. He doesn't think that he HAS to show the American people a damn thing in his mind. This is why he loves to bask in the media spotlight, and gets flustered when commentators get tough on him. It's all about the ego. Combine an overly large ego with a contempt for the American way of life (capitalism, individual freedoms, etc.), and you have, well, Barack Obama.

This whole thing is a load of shit. If he was a natural born citizen, then he'd have presented it by now. He's obviously lying.


Well the immense ego is pretty much a given.

Everyone who thinks that he is actually fit to be the president of the Unites States should be immediately disqualified to run for office.



someof you may be interested in this


Changing the subject?


The sites hilarious.


Guilty as charged :slight_smile:


ACTUALLY, the earth kinda is flat. If you apply general relativity where gravitation is the curvature of space-time, the path of an orbiting object is actually following a straight line.

Technically if you could run fast enough to actually orbit along the surface of the earth (probably in the 100s of miles per second range haven't actually calculated it), you are traveling in a straight line in the absolute sense of the word.

If one moving along the surface of the earth travels in a straight line, can you not consider the earth flat?

Then again, you probably still think gravity is a force.


He has. People need to stop believing these right wing freaks who put crap like this out there. Look up news reports on it and you will find that It has been made public. It has been shown on tv along with the news paper clipping from a hawaii newspaper clearly stating his parents names and his name the day he was born. These right wing nut jobs will say anything to deface obama because their side lost. You want some proof. Watch this.

Watch the whole thing. There are people in this video who actually tell the woman making the doc. that they dont think she should have the right to vote because of her sex. Really?


Granted, all politicians (and everybody for that matter) have a certain level of ego. However, in an arena known for large ego's; Obama's stands out as remarkably large and fragile.