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Can We Do this Type of OHP for 5/3/1?

Just saw Mark Rippetoe’s new version 3.0 of the overhead press. Can we use this version of OHP instead of the traditional method?

May as well just jerk the bar if you’re going to try that. The Oly guys worked this out 50 years ago.

Only if you want to stick with this variation for many years and use it as a main lift, I personally would not do that.

That looks horrifying

This looks like a very silly way to keep the lift “strict” and a low back injury just waiting to happen. Like a bastardized strict log press.

I’d personally just do an incline bench, log press, or a push press.

But, you can use a 5/3/1 progression system with any big lift, so have at it if you are interested.

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He could always tinker with it as a supplemental or run it for a 10 week cycle.

I have seen a few guys in the gym do this. Their actual strict press warm ups look very shaky and weak. I don’t really get why Rip is trying to go back in time but call it 3.0. Kind of silly honestly.

that looks like a standing bench press, not a press to me…

The only application in a competition setting where I could imagine something like this would be useful would be in a strongman competition where the implement you have to press doesn’t lend itself to using leg drive.

That’s why they removed the press from the Olympics.

Looks like the old school olympic press.
As someone said, you can program it 5/3/1 style and train it, but my 0.02, it’s the kind of lift that makes sense only to someone who’s competing under rules that require to push the highest amount of weight over the head with no leg drive.
Otherwise, it looks like the press equivalent of the ultra wide grip ultra arched back powerlifting bench press - makes sense for competitions, doesn’t make much sense for the normal guy who “just” wants to get stronger, fitter and so on.

EDIT: he’s also starting with the bar higher towards his chin on the first rep, dropping it down to create some stretch reflex and then pushing. It’s something I’ve seen suggested a few times to make the first rep easier on OHP, doesn’t sound that great to me.

If you choose to do this, just make sure you are consistent.

His question made it sound like it was a complete replacement for the regular OHP, its probably fine as a supp lift though as long as regular OHP is done first. Supp lifts can be changed occasionally, my guess on this one is it might turn out to not be a good idea after a while and if it was only a supp lift it wouldn’t be a complete waste of time.

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If anyone starts doing this for the long haul it’d be worth checking what your orthopedic/ PT copays are, along with your deductable for outpatient surgery. Or crank up your flex spending account elections for 2018 and start it then.

Looks about as silly as his new bent over row video.

I’d suggest ignoring all current Rip vids and using a normal strict, or axle or push press depending on your competitive preference.

Unless you only want to train in Rips new strengthlifting thing of course

What did you not like about the row?

Mostly the flexed spine positioning,
Not a great fan of the ‘cheat’ style either.

And finally, though this is just personal, I prefer hands pronated.