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Can Vitamin E Decrease Libido?

I have experiment with this supplement named Toco-Sorb, Mixed Tocotrienols and Vitamin E from Jarrow to decrease prolactin and improve natural T.
But every time I’m taking this supplement I lose libido and desire for sex for several weeks. It’s very strange because studies shows that Vitamin E increase libido. I’m sure it’s this that cause low libido because when I’m not taking it for 2 weeks then my libido is back. I don’t really know if this has to do with the Palm oil or other hidden ingredients.

I take 3 softgel per day.

I have tried to find a website or study that mention Vitamin E can also decrease libido but haven’t found it. What are your opinion about this?

Nothing in here about that specifically.

Consumer version:

Health professionals version:

There is some indication of prostate cancer from high doses or something though, and you are taking a very high dose, so maybe don’t do that.

What are you hoping to accomplish with this supplementation?

I don’t fully understand this. Studies show it, but you couldn’t find any studies?

The only one I could find involved supplementation on boars, and there was a positive correlation. Vitamin E can also affect estrogen levels, which can mess with libido. The fact that it takes a few weeks to return to normal suggests that this might be your issue. You might be very sensitive to E2 fluctuations.

And why are you taking so much of it?

I’m no scientist but…

Just keep it under 1000iu per day. I take that much to keep blood thin, No Issues!