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Can Vasectomy Cause TRT to Go Haywire?

Haven’t posted here in awhile, but just wanted to say that after a couple of years of good results using Androgel, I felt myself slowing down prior to a vasectomy procedure I had done back on March 1st. Don’t know if it was stress or what, but was getting weaker erections and lower energy.

After the Vasectomy, it was like my entire body crashed hard and I started experiencing 100% ED, no morning wood (Ice cold), bad moods/depression, etc. Took me almost a month to fully recover from the procedure, as I had a lot of aches and swelling down below.

Was wondering if any other guys here have had a Vasectomy, and feel that it upset their TRT at all? A Google search reveals hundreds of upset guys who complain of ED and pain after this procedure, but you never know what percentage of them would have had ED anyway. The doc said before hand that there was zero chance of this, because the tubes they cut are not related to T at all, etc – But like most guys here, I have little trust for doctors.

At this point, I have a Urologist who is willing to work with me, so he’s put me back on injections after finding my T was only at a modest 425. After 2 weeks of that, I’m starting to get some feeling back in the mornings, but no strong MW yet. I’ll take anything though after the ice cold deadness, and feeling of just existing – not enjoying life at all. Starting to get a little Acne back also which has been absent for almost a year.

Anybody been through anything similar?

Many men getting snipped are past the age when having children make any sense and gets their wife’s off of birth control. So most are already in age related T decline. So that is a factor. Otherwise, I do know what to make of these reports.

If not on TRT, there may be a negative effect on T for some.

If on TRT, T levels should not be affected at all.

If your ability to absorb transdermal T has declined, I suggest that you consider that you may have developed a functional thyroid problem. See the thyroid basics sticky, eval your iodine sources and check your oral body temperature when waking and mid afternoon. Thyroid hormone labs would be useful.

Lots of other data that needs to be considered, probably in your prior thread(s). That is why we ask that you not open new threads.