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Can TRT Harm Healthy Kidneys with Long-Term Use?

I’m concerned with the long-term effects of testosterone replacement therapy on kidney function? Can TRT be detrimental to the kidneys long term? Assuming that you started out with healthy kidneys.

Well, the goal of trt is restore your testosterone levels to a normal level. Usually to the upper end of normal, but relatively normal levels. I have not heard of any kidney issues using a replacent dose even over the couse of decades. In those that abuse steroids with much higher doses yes, but not with a trt dose.

What are you basing your concern on?

I’m gonna tag unreal to get his opinion.

@wolf359 thank you for your response. Yes, we are talking about therapeutic testosterone replacement therapy for health reasons and not anabolic steroid or crazy amounts of testosterone use in body building. The concern that I have is that since the function of the kidney is to clean body/blood of toxins, I was wondering what effects the oil used to deliver the testosterone (TRT) or the testosterone itself had on the kidneys after many years of use. I did find an article that says that TRT actually delayed the progression of Chronic Kidney disease, that’s hopeful.


Why would vegetable oil absorbed intramuscularly or sub-Q be any harder than vegetable oil consumed with you food? I’m not following your logic here.

@hardartery that’s a very good point on the vegetable oil. What about on pharmaceutical testosterone? any reason to be concern with its effects of long term use on the kidneys?

No reason at all that I am aware of. Hard anabolics other than test, the synthetics, yes. They should make anyone nervous. Test, no.


No, if they had evidence that TRT caused CKD, it would be all over the media.

My opinion doesn’t mean much as I’m not qualified/not an expert. Renal pathology induced via AAS intake is both secondary to hypertension and induced via direct action (AR binding). The direct action AAS has on the kidney is poorly understood. Generally speaking, replacement dosages of testosterone given to a HEALTHY man shouldn’t have much of an effect on renal function.


@unreal24278 thank you

Yeah, I know, but you are well read on the topic of aas and generally pretty level headed. Someone that appears humble, careful and methodical in their opinions, not one to get carried away by hyperbole.

I appreciate your responding.
Take care