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Can TRT Cause Wrinkly Finger Tips?

I have been on the TRT for around 8 months now and my current dosage is 82.5mg 2x a week.

Over the past month I have noticed my finger tips are almost always wrinkled - if I touch water they instantly wrinkle up more.

I drink a lot of fluids (4-5L water a day) and my sodium intake is quite low, so I don’t think it is dehydration.

I have read online that thryoid or adrenal glands could be the cause.

Just curious - is this common? Could TRT be the cause?

“The medical community used to believe that pruning was caused by your fingers absorbing water. It is now known that pruney fingers are the result of blood vessels that constrict below the surface of the skin. The condition is tied to the function of the nervous system.”

high glucose
thyroid hyper/hypo
more … https://www.healthline.com/health/pruney-fingers

You have any recent pertinent labs?

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hey bro did you ever figure ou the reason why your fingers were pruning up. Mine are doing the same exact thing and they are extra dry. I think I am going to make a appotmint with PCP next week. I looked at the like that @KSman just posted and I think it is defiantly worth looking into