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Can Treating Thyroid Fix Me?

Hi ,
I am 23 have been impacted by the post finasteride syndrome , crashed my testosterone to 427 ( although fluctuates all the time from 300 to 550) , my estrogen always hovers in 35-40 , I have the occasional Ice feet (not cold ,ICE) . My TSH was raised from 1.27 to 2.30 since quitting the drug . I have spent $10,000 on HRT and doctors .
Tried TRT in diffrent doses (80-160 mg per wk) with/without AI and never had any long term success all the benefits were temporary (Cannot control estrogen even on 80mgs per week) , also restarting with Nolva did not work ( T shot up to 1100 but E2 also to 71 and came back to current state within 2 weeks).
The only treatment I haven’t sought is thyroid (have always used ionized salt) .
My current symptoms : Occasional Ice feet , memory loss , depression , fluctuating mood , losing fat and muscle everywhere except midsection and ass , terrible sleep , reduced penis size , reduced testicle size , reduced sebum everywhere , Dryer skin )
I was a 23 year old with perfect health and no issues until finasteride and every issue started after quitting )
Could optimizing thyroid fix my issues , I am contemplating suicide because I can’t continue my education and my life is being destroyed right in front of my face . It can’t get any worse .
In your experience what sort of impact can fixing hypothyroidism have on T,E2 , DHT , testicle size … etc


You will get better. That’s number one.

What makes you think it’s the thyroid?

Where do you live? Maybe we can maybe a recommendation on Dr. Finding the right Dr is key to help you.

You should get full labs? In case you did please post.

Total t
Free t
Estradiol sensitive
Free t3
Free t4
Thyroid antibodies
Lipid panel
Metabolic panel

Unless your thyroid was really bad then maybe it will have some impact on t levels. I mean u got folks with thyroid issues that have a TSH over 10.0

Once you get the labs you can make a plan to get better. Now if you were on trt before and did not do well that could be most likely from protocol and Dr knowledge.

We will help you.

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