Can This Program Work If I Recover Well?

Here it is, I trained 6x week all my lifting carreer and I’ve always progressed, how does that program look?

and how well has that career gone?
also- didn’t you say you were going to do 5’s pro with opposite 5x5 FSL?

Hey, I found the nsuns variation and I liked it more and it worked nicely, id say my “lifting carreer” is good so far, im benching 100 squatting 125 and resetted deads to fix my forn (all in kg) after no more than 4 or 5 months og structured training


Dude, is there a real nees to major in that? I didnt know how to express it, im aware im not a pro

Are you going to do a different program if we tell you it’s no good?

First you will have to tell me, and hopefully tell me why, but yes, if its bad i wont do it…

with those numbers something like Texas method would be better


@felpadubove because they’re low


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@khangles If that’s directed at my comment, it was in support of rampant badger’s suggestion of Texas Method.
Funny, though :slight_smile:

I know they are low, but why would texas method be better if the progression scheme is the same?


My main issues with this program is you are at the beginning of your training.

This has you doing 2 days for each lift and some 10 sets for each day. Then accessories. Where is your room to move when you stall? Just throw everything out and do something completely new?

Find a powerlifting gym with some old timers who can teach you the basics because after a “career” of 4-5 months I can guarantee that:

  1. Your form probably SUCKS
  2. You know SHIT about training and programming
  3. You’re weak as piss.

I’m sorry If I sound harsh but I’m a cranky old timer. I learned by hooking up with old guys who broke my balls and didn’t give a fuck about my feelings.

Good luck.

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I did not check the program you laid out. If you want to do it, go for it.

But if you want guaranteed progress do something proven from a reliable coach and recover/eat properly.

I would suggest to stay away from programming for the first 3-5 years and just get stronger/gather experience.

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