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Can This Fix Winged Scapula?

i have winged scapula and ive been experimenting with scapula pushups but scapula pushups on the ground just dont seem to work for me i just feel my traps contracting this could be due to possible lordosis, however i have found my standing next to two walls on my left and right and placing my hands against them and leaning forward really seems to contract my scapula well but can it fix winged scapula?

never mind i think it will but bump because when i do scapular movements i get pain in the lower back part of my head right where the skull starts and a headache after why is that? and just now (this may be because i did too much for the first day i ever trained scapula movements) i felt a little pain shock in my right scapula

the pain might be from the Lavator scapulae muscle, it lifts and rotates the scaps upward. its one of the common muscles that causes a neck “crick”. Im not an expert on winged scapula though, so bump for more responses.

*bump thanks for the reply ellis its not that though its literally the start of my skull at the back and it feels like pressure is increasing when i do that scapula drill, although what you said about the Lavator scapulae muscle, i move my neck and it hurts around the area where that muscle is

btw this is what i mean by the back of the skull:

http://www.baybreezebodyworks.com/images/levscap.jpg the circular looking area at the bottom of the head left and right where the head ends and the neck begins

i woke up today with a slight headache and then it became progressively worser hurts pretty bad now so these are the problems/questions im having so far:

Will leaning forward against two walls and contracting the scapula multiple times and repeating this for months fix my winged scapula?

what are the pain jolts i am experiencing in my right scapula?

why does my head hurt so badly?

  • forgot to mention back of head hurts when i do shrugs no weight just shrugging my shoulders up and down

dude, go read my post in your other thread, and scap push ups are great, but you need more than that.

if you’re feeling your traps on the scap push ups you are shrugging your shoulders