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Can the guys at the Team Universe be drug-free?

I saw the results of the Team Universe and Jeff Willet beat out Skip LaCour in the heavyweight division. I saw the pictures of these guys and it is almost hard to believe that they are drug-free. Skip LaCour came in at 5’9" 230 lbs ripped and he didn’t even win his division. I wondering if these guys are on Synthol or GH. These guys looked unbelieveable being a drug free bodybuilding competition.

Arnold wins the Mr Olympia at 6’1" 236 lbs ripped. Arnold was on the gear. Skippy comes in at 5’9" 230 lbs ripped. Is Skippy on the gear? You decide…

cjack: You should see the guy’s from last year’s “World Amateur Championships’s” (That’s the next big event for the winners of the “Team Universe”). Skip had won the heavyweight division of the “Team Universe” last year, but didn’t even QUALIFY next to those guys. What makes me angry, especially with the “World Amateur Championships”, is how STUPID a lot of people must think we are. Those guys had every tell-tale sign of drug use you could think of.

I think there is a definite possibility that LaCour,Willet, or any top natural bb juices. natural and bodybuilding really don’t work well together!
But even if LaCour juices, he has great genetics, just like any other top BB-natural or otherwise. However, a juicing bb that competes as “natural” is to bodybuilding as what a child molester is to society, below scum.

Chris: I always send questions your way about the IronGame; you always have great insights. From an “official” standpoint, doesn’t the definition of “natural” or “drug free” slip and slide along a VERY slippery slope among the different Federations? Sort of like Clinton’s definintion of “sex?” Mufasa

I think Skip is a juicer with shitty genetics thats why he can’t hang in the NPC or IFBB.

Bigswoll: Wow…that’s a different “take” on Skip. A lot of people think he’s a genetic FREAK. This, in turn, has allowed him to build the muscle he has built WITHOUT the gear. Look’s like ole’ Skip can’t win for losin’, huh?

Can pigs fly?

Mufasa- I’m not sure how the rules work with different federations but here’s something to think about. A steroid-free lifter can use GH, clen, T3, Synthol, and have implants and still be steroid free. But obviously he’s bullshitting you if he claims to be “natural”.

And as I understand it, in some organizations you only have to be clean for a year to be “natural”. Obviously, a guy who juiced for a few years before he became “natural” will have the advantage over the lifetime natural guys.

Then there’s that whole thing about LaCour using andro which, well, ain’t exactly natural… gets complicated, huh?

As for Skippy, I don’t know. I’ve talked with him a little and he seems sincere. I’ve also had some very knowledgable people in this area tell me there’s no way he’s natural. He won his first BB contest after only one year of training! So he’s either 1) the sport’s biggest liar or 2) a true mutant.

Whenever I get to a Skip LaCour article in any of the muscle mags, I skip the whole thing, as I believe he’s on something, and not just one item. And all the articles with him spouting about clean eating and working out his way is the way to go, makes me so sick! I’d rather see a man 180 lbs or a woman 130 lbs and with a lean/muscled physique than to listen to the cheaters! I do read most of the mags, but never follow the users’ training tips, unless it’s a new exercise I’ve never seen or used before, but of course, then I only do what I can with it! I also wrote Joe Weider some years ago, asking him, “do you think you’re contributing to the state of bodybuilding, never getting as big as it could be, because of your steroidal and other gear athletes?” He never answered of course…

i have to admit that i haven’t seen many pictures of Skip, but in the few i have seen, i thought his stomach had enough distension to rival anyone in an IFBB lineup.

I love it when people talk shit about someone when they don’t knoiw the facts. You guys are speculating that he takes drugs and comparing him to a child molester. Jeezus! And what if he really isn’t on steroids??? Would you like to be accused of shit like that if you had nothing to do with it? I’ll tell you what, if you really have any balls, you’ll take up AST’s challenge. The challenge is you can have Skip or Jeff Willet tested by an independent lab. If he comes up positiive, you get $10,000. If he comes up clean, you pay for the test.

Skip definitely does not have stomach disension. I saw his pictures in the TU and his stomach is flat and ripped.

I just wanted to make a bit off topic point that was discussed in another thread. I’ve seen Skip LaCour articles in different muscle rags in the past, I haven’t actually purchased one in years, but how relevant could these articles be to any “normal” person. Assuming the guy is lifetime drug free then his genetics have to be so freaky as to make any advice he gives useless to even the genetically gifted. I consider myself pretty “blessed” in the genetics department being 5’10", 230 pounds and 14%-15% BF after 10 yrs of training and I doubt he could give me any real advice considering how easy the gains must come for him.

I did not call him a child molester! I meant that if he does juice then he is scum, because he competes in supposid “natural” shows

If you guys read skip’s or any AST stuff you would see that they are passionate about being drug-free, now why would anybody go to all that trouble to say they are drug-free, and then take tons of drugs, eh? How about just not talking about drugs, like Ronnie or Flex, notice how there are never any articles (in mainstream mags) about their drug use? Why would Skip set his whole reputation up, if anybody found out hr’s usin’ he’s be ruined, seriously guys, I know he (and Willett) are incredible but they work damn hard and live to bodybuild. Sure they have great genetics, but anybody with the right drive (and knowledge) can make vast improvements in their physique. No offence, but like Skip says instead of wasting time thinking about or accusing others, why not concentrate on being the best you can be?? Oh and like BrooklynMike says, somebody should try their test.

gotta agree with brooklynmike, I used to have BIG doubts about him being natural but the more I think about it the more I believe him. granted gossip in BB is not worth what it is in major sports or entertainment but come on, don’t you think he would have pissed off ONE dealer over the years? don’t you think SOMEONE would have proof and sell it to a rag (prob only good for a couple of hundred because its BB)? look at sports in general, most consider bo jackson a freek, he hardly wt. trained at all so I don’t think he juiced but what would he have looked like if he started wt.training at say 17? I’d say bigger than skip. same with hershal walker. when LT was a Giant parcells ordered him to spend 1hr 3x’s a week in the wt.room so he used to bring a 6pack and the paper into the wt.room and not touch a wt. parcells finaly gave up (imagine what he would have been like if he did train and not become a coke head) what if he was a bodybuilder instead of a football player? I’d guess sergio olivia would have still been a freek if he never used juice. I think it can be kinda arogant for people to assume that someone else can’t do something because THEY can’t. peace hetyey225

My personal opinion, based on human psychology, is that any person who is CONSTANTLY telling you, ad nauseum, without you even asking about it that he is not doing something, is doing it.

Perhaps even worse than Skip LaCour in this department was Mike Ashley. This guy even bought ads in the magazines, which aren’t cheap, saying that he did not use drugs and
touted himself as being “continuously drug tested.” Now who on earth that does not use drugs is going to “continuously” get himself tested, especially when NO ONE was getting to see the results? Even more absurd was Ashley’s
insistence that he’d take a drug test at anyone’s request, but only if they agree to pay him $5000 if he passed. Just from the standpoint of psychology you have to figure this guy was a user.

Bill, I have to disagree with you on this one. Yes, perhaps the psychological angle would apply average guy in the gym who is insisteing on being drug free. But, you also have to remember, this is Skip’s livelyhood. He’s a businessman as well, and he has to market himself. What sets him apart? Being drug free. And, being a champion. His entire life revolves around this. He’s a “Tony Robbins” type guy. He sues his own experiences to motivate. And he pushes the drug free thing to say, here, I’m drug free, I work my ass off, do this workout, eat this way, and take these supplements. If you model me, you can maximize the potential of your body.

If you really take a good look into everything he writes, he never talks shit about drug users, he dosen’t really push the point that he’s drug free in his articles either. He does use the words “drug free” on the cover of his books, to catch people’s attention. His focus is on extremely hard work, strong focus, and a strict lifestyle.

if you wre so sure he was useing why did you not test him? he said anyone could so why didn’t you? and understand I do NOT know if he was/is or not but if you are SO sure why not test him? peace hetyey225