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Can the 10/8/6/15-20 Rep Scheme be Used as a Circuit?

I am a type 1b and looking to use this rep scheme about 1-2 times a week as part of my routine.
Is it possible to use the 10/8/6/15-20 rep scheme like the built for battle circuits?

For example:
Bench 10
Deadlift 10
Squat 10
Overhead 10
Cable row 10
Bench 8
Deadlift 8

As a 1B circuits work very well. Not sure about the higher rep sets though.

What do you think would be a good program for a relative beginner (1.5 years) 1b who wants to gain mass but should also build strength in the 8-12 rep range?

I guess you threw Paul Carter’s advice down the toilet once again eh?


Lol no, I’m just looking for different routines and il choose the one I think I can stick with the longest.

So yes…


Not disregarding Paul.
I want to hear separate coaches opinions.
Why is that so bad?

Try it and see. I prefer 1 exercise at a time.

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