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Can Test + HGH Help?

Some advice please?

I’m 54 y.o. and am recovering from a major skydiving accident. Plates in both legs, rebuilt: knees, left bicep, right shoulder, right forearm, right hand. With all the surgeries, I dropped about 20 lbs. I managed to keep extra weight from inactivity off by carefully watching my diet. I’m recovering now, but there are places where my skin fits like an off-the-rack suit. About a year ago, the meds and surgeries had messed up my chemistry. So the endocrinologist started me on 300mg of testosterone proprianate every 3 weeks.

The problem has since resolved, but the computer for my HMO still has the order in the system and I can get the injections as long as I keep asking for them. I figured why not use it to my advantage? My blood level shows 1500++ ng/dL or about double what is considered “normal”. I know this is not much compared to what most bodybuilders use, but I don’t need to get huge.

I just want to get back to where I was 4-5 years ago and add 15 lbs of lean muscle. I’ve also been using 2 units per day HGH, 5 days on, 2 off. All this seems to have helped rehab tremendously. But now I’m ready to move along and work towards being as strong as I was before the accident.

Comments? Suggestions? Are my expectations realistic?

One T shot every three weeks? Are you sure you don’t mean Cypionate? Prop has a 24 hour half life… In order to get off the roller coaster and really help the HGH work, your T shots should be once a week at least, to keep down your E levels, and 1500++ is a good starting place if your levels were to stay there, or at least close…

Yes, you are correct. I got it mixed up looking at my injection record. They tried me on a couple different formulations. Proprianate didn’t do much and ethanate caused hair loss. Cypionate hit the sweet spot. I’ll talk to my doc about smoothing out the shots. I don’t know if he’ll go for a weekly thing, but I’ll ask.


Should go for a bi weekly injection for that matter.