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Can Test Go Bad?

I recently obtained some test and tren, which were planned to be used for my first cycle. It was going to be a cutting cycle, but I felt that wasting my first time on cutting wouldn’t be as fun nor as productive as waiting to use it to bulk.

So 1.) If I keep the stuff for 5-6 months will it still be okay to use and…

2.) Do you agree it’s best to leave your first cycle to bulking as opposed to cutting or does it not relaly matter?

I see. Any comments on whether it is a good/bad idea to do your first cycle as a cut instead of a bulk?


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You’re gonna have a tough time using Tren to bulk. Might be a problem for Test too, depending which you are using. If it’s Prop, again, it is not a bulking drug. Enan, Cyp, or Suspension would be better.
Why not use an EQ-Enanthate combo for a bulking cycle? Better yet, do alot more research before you start any cycle…