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Can Test E 250mg/wk for 12 Weeks Yield Results?

Test e 250mg/week for 12 weeks can yield results? is this true im just asking because i cant believe it.

im a
25 years old
9% bf

Simple answer, no. Only type of gains you will see are “dick” gains.

okay i see i was just searching and i see this and i was like WTF

If you want to make some keepable gains just use a 500mg per week for 12 weeks, you will gain like 12-15 lb or more, just add some AI to keep Gyno in check since test aromatises.

Cryptonite’s answer was too simple. It depends on natural testosterone level. If your natural T levels are 300 or lower, you would absolutely benefit from a 12 week cycle at this dose. If, however, you have naturally high levels, then that would not be the case. A baseline is required to answer this question reasonably.

@flipcollar is very knowledgeable and from personal experience; I’ve also found this statement to be true.

My natural levels were unknowingly at ~80 (age 29) and sub-300 (24). Doctors always informing me that these levels were appropriate and just tossed SSRI’s my way instead. After finally resting my case that I want to try TRT (after researching T-Nation TRT), I’ve prescribed only 125mg testosterone per week. I’ve been on it approximately 4 months now and have been making gains in size (mass, and no longer just fat), strength, and added endurance each week that I’ve never been able to accomplish under any circumstance (diet, training program, etc.).

So, when I read that people say that gains are impossible on anything less than 300-500mg/wk, I find it BS. It’s up to your body. I think my body would be just fine on a 300mg first cycle and I would see some pretty decent results.

Another point is that people who B&C (blast and cruise) typically go for 250mg a week to maintain the mass that they gained (so I’ve read). So that only makes me question, why wouldn’t it add mass to someone without a large stature already? You probably wouldn’t see bodybuilder status mass gains, but, if like flip said, if your test levels are low, you will get size (and hopefully keep it).

I would definitely add an AI to your cycle though. I gained about 10 pounds of ‘water weight’ over a month on just 125mg.

Get your baseline (test levels) and if they’re low, run it at 250mg in my opinion. If they’re mildly-high, you may want to invest in running 500mg.

This will settle down over time, and I second your take on gaining strength and mass on a TRT dose if you have low T - I significantly changed my body composition over six months on 100mg per week. I’m currently on 140mg per week and do not need an AI. I initially gained about ten pounds, like you, but that normalized after about three months even without an AI.

I don’t mean to hijack, but, ah, I did not know that the water retention may have subsided on a dose like that. It was giving me appendage pains (probably due to higher than normal blood pressure) as well as chest pain – I was about to give up on TRT without an AI.

But in his case, taking 250mg+ (whatever he decides), I’d use an AI, for sure.

this is true , i forgot to take age into consideration and test levels, your body produces like 50-90mg of test naturally per week the thing is test cant really be measured since it always fluctuates but you can find a high or low range, but what i wanted to say originally was even if you have low test under 300~ even running 250mg might not help much if not just help you feel “young again” but in terms of “making gains on that dose” its not going to be very “good” in my opinion, 250 is a dose most people run when cruising cuz it helps keep test in body to keep gains but not to make much gains… mostly used as a bridge into next cycle

From my own experience I would say yes but the results may not be as good as if you did 500mg! The reason I say from my own experience is because I got blood work done on my 360mg cycle and I was 4889 ng/dl test levels on a scale of 250-1100 ng/dl! 4x that of someone on the higher end of natural. I actually came to these boards to ask if anyone experienced high blood levels like that on a mild dose but haven’t received a answer. I’ve ran 2 cycles prior, years before I did this most recent Test P only but never did blood work like I should have. So when I seen my test levels so high I began to research and it seems like most people don’t get that high even on 500mg of test. Maybe something wrong with my blood test for some reason??? I don’t know! But what I do know is I definitely made good gains on 360mg!

For what it’s worth, I run about 650 on 140mg. At 250, I would project that to about 1,100, probably more when you consider the half lifes and accumulation, but you’d have to discount because it probably isn’t linear.

Without TRT I was 170. On 250 I would have six times the testosterone than without. I believe six times the test would provide some good GainZz.

Just sayin’.

I ran one cycle and quit after six weeks because I realized I had no clue how to eat or train. It was 300mg of Test Prop and 150mg of Mast prop. I had a blood test done after six weeks and my T levels came back >6500.

Draw your own conclusions.

you can only make gains on 250mg per week if you are a hypogondal male…google it i dont have time to explain.

This is true, to a degree. “Normal” is 300-1100 on Quest I think. If you’re at 600, you’re normal. Jump on 250mg per week, you’re going to be high normal, possibly, supraphysiological. Any increase, say from 600 to 1100, is going to result in increased MPS, or Gainz.

However, it will also shut you down - which is what hypogonadal dudes are, sort of. So they’re running below 300 and so the 250mg weekly will result in a greater increase relative to normal, hence gainz. From 300 to 1100 is a 300% increase, as opposed to 600-1100, which is less than double. Therefore, hypogonadal males will have more noticeable results from 250mg per week than “normal” males, but both would benefit - it’s just not worth shutting yourself down if you’re not hypogonadal.

Pretty much common sense.