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Can’t Sleep Longer Than 4hrs Without AI

Need some help.
I cannot seem to sleep longer than 4-5hrs at night. This only happens when I allow my estrogen to go unchecked without AI. Typical night is fall asleep hard at 10pm and wake up at 2am. I mean wide awake. So I lay there for 3hrs. It’s frustrating as hell. If it’s Friday or Saturday night I’ll reach for a benzo which will sedate me for another 2-3hrs max but trt is forever and i can’t deal with it. During the day I’m not yawning or tired and feel well rested but getting up at 2am and starting my day is not gonna work when I’m 70 and retired. I’ve done all the sleep medications and theory’s but I’m stuck. The only thing I’ve tried to do is stay up until 1am so I awake at 5 but when on trt I have no control of when I fall asleep. When I shut off I’m off.

Any advice? I need to raise my dose next week but I’m thinking that will only make it worse.

I feel your pain. I have been there. What I have found to be the most successful is lots of GABA. It puts me to sleep and I do t wake up groggy. If I wake up in the middle of the night I can pop some and it helps me go back to sleep. I’ll keep a couple pills on the night stand just in case. Sometimes I’ll throw in melatonin if I feel like I really need it.

Magnesium, or sleeping pills makes me groggy the next day.

I’m not sure I’ve tried gaba but melotonin makes me have light sleep.

Here are a few ideas:

  1. If you have energy all day and don’t feel tired, then is it really a problem? You could go enjoy the extra 3 hours a day of productivity.

  2. How is your heat/cold when you wake up? If you are feeling hot, perhaps controlling room temperature better or sleeping with a lighter blanket could help for deeper sleep. Cooling your body down is scientifically proven to deepen sleep. Also, being hot and increasing body temp is how we naturally wake up.

  3. How’s your night breathing? Lot’s of guys wake up in the middle of the night not realizing that they have sleep apnea. I would go get yourself checked out.

Anyway, best of luck. None of my ideas may apply - but if they do then maybe it helps a lot.

What’s your current protocol and how long have you been on it? What were you doing before that?

100mg E3.5 been on this for 8 weeks. Was microdosing AI up until 10 days ago. Felt really consistent up until this last week. Still had the sleep issues but seems to be progressing. It feels like high E2 but going to ride it out and see.
Had me at 1100 TT and 19FT and E2 30 with the AI.

Everything feels off and the only change was dropping the AI?

Yeah I’d def give it more time then. I had crazy swollen ankles for a few weeks but it went away on its own

This is easily fixable, all you need to do is inject smaller doses more frequently, that’s it. You are spiking estrogen with these large shots, you can minimize these spikes in estrogen by injecting more frequently.

I was afraid you would say that… I’m trying to simplify frequency for the long haul. Do you think there is any chance that riding this storm out that my body will begin to regulate it? I did some checking on my notes and it seems to be 10 days without AI and all the trouble starts. I’ve never tried to push through this as it’s damn uncomfortable.

I would suggest you inject daily and lower the total dose. I cannot understand why people so much avoid daily injections…
This should be the first try when arimedex provides relief to any symptoms

I agree that’s the quick fix but will the body eventually get its shit together and regulate the extra E2? I did daily’s before and I’m not adverse to it but I’m just trying to minimize the pokes, thoughts, needles etc. I know plenty of guys in E3.5 with no E2 issues.

But there are many other who have. You should not care about shit as pokes and needles. It becomes a daily habit nothing special

Give it more time. I dropped 2mg of AI out of my protocol two weeks ago and had similar sleep issues after a week. Just over the last two nights it seems to be subsiding. Last night i clocked a full 12 hours. Lol. Well besides waking up to eat but that was normal for me pre trt also.

Thanks man… I’m gonna hang in there and hope for that.

No problem bro. If i continue to get longer sleep ill try to find this thread and report back.

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Nope I think you are going to continue to struggle and eventually you’ll realize it. Your body is unable to clear out the estrogen fast enough and your body doesn’t become more efficient as you age. Over time not getting enough sleep will have consequences.

You could probably get away with a lower dosage injecting more frequently. I would use 29G insulin syringes.

@dstryevrytng - You wake up in the middle of the night to eat then go back to sleep?

I eat my 6th meal right before bed then wake up around 3 hours later needing to eat. Then back asleep within about 1/2 hour. Happens at least 4 nights a week.

This has been going on for years so its not trt related.

That’s very interesting. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of someone doing this.

Out of curiosity, what do you eat during this time and what benefit do you get from it? Is it for muscle repair? Are you eating something heavy in protein?

Any info is appreciated!

Usually its a cup of cottage cheese, 10-15 tortilla chips with 1/2 cup salsa and pound 20-30 oz of water. The two nights after leg day i usually throw in 2 small smoked sausages, just because i like them. Lol

Im sure it does aid in recovery with the added protein and salt (Albeit its a small amount) but thats just added benefit for me. The main reason is if i dont eat something ill be up every hour hungry.

Ive tried to remedy it by adding 1/2 again the macros to my 6th meal and that does work but it makes me feel like shit and takes longer to get to sleep. Then when i wake up in the morning i destroy the fridge T Rex style and ruin my macros for the rest of the day.