Can T Injections Cause Oral Thrush?

Hello everyone. I have been doing cypionate injections (150 mg every two weeks) for the past six months. For the past month or so i’ve had oral thrush and can not get rid of it. I’ve taken anti fungal meds prescribed my doctor and they have not worked. I am just curious if this has happend to anyone else. Thank you.

Not reported: Injecting once ever two weeks is not health! If you are self injecting, switch to twice a week and see if you can get 100mg/week so you can inject 50mg twice per week.

Please read the advice for new guys stick and protocol for injections.

Important: What lab work has been done? Post results and get copies of lab work from your doc.

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Note that the steroids in: oral thrush steroid - Google Search
refer to Corticosteroid - Wikipedia
not testosterone

Restoring your T to youthful levels will improve health. Your TRT is not very good, there is more to hormone health than T.

Go to a health food shop and ask about zinc lozenges.

While you are there, get a high potency broad spectrum probiotic. It should be sold from a cooler.

Five pages to read: Vitamins and Supplements Rooted in Science - Life Extension

What are your other health issues?

Thank you KSman. I am self injecting. I will pick up my old lab work from six months ago and i am going to get retested on monday. I will post all my Health issues when thoose test come in. I will read all those links you sent me. Thanks again.

Ok my first test my T level was 240 I just got retested and im at 450 now. My Doctor gives me a six month supply. Two bottles of 2000 mg so I can do it twice a week. I had a mild heart attack last november 2011 so I also take Clopidogrel 75 mg, Bystolic 2.5 mg, Losartan potassium 25 mg, Asprin 81 mg. I just went to see my cardiolist and she told me that she doesnt think that its a good idea to be doing T. I still have oral thrush and cant get rid of it just wondering if anybody eles has had thrush from doing T injections. Anybody have a any idea about T after a heart attack I really dont want to stop because im feeling much better now. Im also starting to have the sex drive i had ten years ago so the wife is much happier

Age 36
weight 300
hiegt 6ft 2in
I’m Hiary everywhere but the top of my head

Don’t forget:
Go to a health food shop and ask about zinc lozenges.

While you are there, get a high potency broad spectrum probiotic. It should be sold from a cooler.

You may have metabolic disorder, aka syndrome X

  • low T
  • elevated E2, estrogen dominance
  • insulin resistance or other evidence of a per-diabetic state.
  • high cholesterol
  • endothelial cell dysfunction [aerial disease]
  • low HDL
  • low DHEA

TRT will be good for your heart. Just do not get carried away with your activities. Later, you should be rejuvenated to some extent. T does not cause heart attacks.

Which would explain your heart attack


  • DHEA 25 mg then test DHEA-S later
  • TRT with E2 management
  • high potency B complex w trace minerals multi vit with iodine
  • fish oil [ high potency/concentration and lots of it] and other EFA’s
  • CoQ10 as 100mg ubiquinol
  • antioxidants: vit C 1000mg, E natural source and others
  • 5000iu vit-D3, test vit-D25 later and increase as needed vit-D3 to get to “50” take with an oily meal.
  • calcium and magnesium supplement

TRT lowers blood pressure by restoring arterial wall muscle tone, that is adversely affected by hypogonadism. Fish oil will lower blood pressure and the other supplements can too. Together, some endothelial cell damage can be reversed. You will probably have to reduce your BP meds and should be checking your BP yourself frequently. Your doc will freak, but in the end you are better off if you need less of those drugs, and their side effects. Do not stop taking any of those drugs suddenly. Read about these at Wikipedia for side effects.

In trying to get healthier, you need to be looking for the next weak link. See the “Tyroid basics” post that I have requested to be a sticky.

Are you on a reduced sodium diet? Note elevated E2 can may one bloaty, not where you need to go. E2 management is mission critical.

Not to hijack, it seems relevant.

I’ve been told T increases blood pressure by thickening the blood. I was tested Hemocrit was 56… BP was trending higher… Gave blood (many times) and now down to 43, BP has returned to decent range.

Something for him to watch for?

More blood cells do thicken the blood. Some of this is expected and many needing TRT have lower HCT levels for a male. But some do over respond and this can be a problem for these few. So one has to give up blood or reduce T in those situations.

Good catch. Hematocrit levels do need to be monitored with TRT and a competent practitioner would do that, but you know where that comment leads ;}

Thanks for the info. I am very swollen since i started taking the T. I will get my E2 checked next time i go to the doc. This sight is great I get more info here than my doc

Yeah–I was just going to say that KSman is dropping knowledge that would usually cost $200 for a 15 minute consult–and would often be wrong. I can’t pretend to be an expert, but after seeing a few doctors and doing some research, I have some novice recommendations: Thrush is often Candida Albicans(or another similar yeast species) and often is systemic (but you’re only noticing the tongue/throat).

For diagnosis you might consider a stool test. I did GI Effects (and it wasn’t cheap) but it did show my abundance of Yeast (Candida Albicans to be specific). They rate it in 10x, 100x, etc. and mine was over 10,000x. The challenge is that yeast is not generally considered pathogenic, so insurance often won’t cover and doctors often haven’t a clue. This particular test showed that my yeast was resistant to garlic, black walnut, and some other stuff. It also showed that my yeast was vulnerable to Cat’s claw, Oregano oil, Berberine, Caprylic acid, and Thyme oil, so I take all of those supplements daily.

I decided not to take the pharmaceuticals that are often prescribed (and that the test said would be effective). Instead I do a tablespoon of silver (Argentyn 25 I think) with aloe on an empty stomach a few times a day, combined with biocidin, and the other stuff above.

I’m on about 150ius of HCG weekly (I know it’s light but it works for me), 60 mg/week of cypionate intramuscular, and 80mg/week of cypionate/progesterone cream (I know how many lifters feel about creams)

I also adhere to a strict yeast diet which for me means mainly, whole foods, digestive enzymes with meals (I chose digestizyme), no alcohol, no caffeine, no refined or added sugars.

I’ll do a full intro on my blood work, urine tests, etc. in another post, but to summarize, I had little symptoms and my humble opinion is that my yeast wasn’t that big of a deal and wasn’t exacerbated by my TRT.

Hopefully some of what I’m doing is worth considering for you. Happy to answer further questions.