Can`t get in ketosis

Hey guys,

Im going keto for a month or two, but I cant seem to get in ketosis! Its now been more than three days, and I honestly have noe idea what Im doing wrong. Any experienced ketoers out there who could point out some usual mistakes? I`ve avoided aspartam and coffe (just in case).


Im sorry for posting another diet-question, but Ive been eating like a horse for two months, and both my stomach and wallet need a break now…

what is your daily intake consist of? can’t answer a question unless we have all of the facts.

How much protein are you eating?

Could it be the volume of food you are eating? Always wondered about that…

The first couple of days I`ve only been able to eat 12-13 times my bodyweight, about 60% fat and 40% protein.

I want a detailed list of what you have been eating. Start typing!

What are you using to test for ketosis? If you are using ketostix…make sure they are fresh. they can give false negatives if they are close or past expiration. damp air in bathroom also effects them over time.

assuming that you are doing it right, and that you are using keto sticks to determine whether or not you are in ketosis-here is a couple of tips.

some people can take up to 5 days to enter ketosis-use glucose disposal agents (like ala)

if you are not getting enough fats-the keto sticks only turn if you are excreting EXCESS ketones. just because the stick does not turn does not mean you are not there. bump up your fats for a few days until you are sure you are in.

too much protein-it is possible that your body is trying to use protein as fuel (to convert to glucose), thus keeping you out of ketosis. Duchaine recommended starting at 30%p/70%f to ensure that fat is the primary fuel. you can fine tune from there.

finally, i don’t believe that the keto diet is the best diet-i prefer t-dawg 2 for instance. some people do get more energy in ketosis however-know your own body.

Without seeing the specs of what you’re eating, I’m going to go out on a limb and say you’re eating too much protein, which WILL keep you from establishing ketosis.

I’ll come back later with a why.

As far as ketostix go, I don’t think you need them. They are an indicator of urinary ketones and can show negative even if you are actually in ketosis for the simple reason that they are not always indicative of blood levels.

First ketosis isn’t a function of the dietary fat in your diet.

Second, the 30/70 rule is outdated. Provided you stick around 0.9g/lb you should have no problem dropping into ketosis.


I`ve been eating the following foods:
-walnuts (50-60 grams a day, with 7% carbs)
-red meat
-fatty fish
-small amounts of green, leafy veggies

And two protein-shakes after working out (4% carbs).

I`ll try cutting back on the protein-intake.

You could be in ketosis, but the sticks are either expired(they’re only good for about a month or two after opening, ketostix should also have an expiration date on the package that should give you a better idea.

Like others said, its excess ketones that show on the stix, and it doesnt matter if you’re showing pink or dark purple, ketosis is ketosis. Another good indicator of ketosis may be a significant other or friend can tell you you’re breath is smelling different.

You may have to make some diet modifications to get into ketosis, but realize it isnt the ONLY way to loose fat. You will loose fat even if you cant obtain ketosis, but are eating low carb.


I know ketosis is not the only way to lose fat. However, if I go low-carb instead of no-carb, I always get unbearable cravings which are hard to handle. On keto I tend to not care about carbs at all, never mind crave them.

Still not in ketosis though, but thanks for help anyway.

The biggest mistake I’ve seem with people trying to go keto is that they are eating carbs and not realizing it. What “protein shake” are you using?

I believe taking ala really helped me with my ketoing.

Different people have different ideas of waht it means to be in ketosis. Some people belive you can have a higher percentage of protein than what was previously the norm. I used approximately a 50% protein, 50% fat diet to drop from 14% to 7% bf in the Hot-Rox Challenge, and considered this a keto diet. I realize some of you will tell me that my protein was was metabolized as glucose and that I wasn’t in ketosis.

Check out the Keto Support Group V.2

Vain, where are you?

I am here.
This question should be covered concisely in the link you posted. I will say the issue is not whether you are in ketosis. Piss on the sticks (no pun intended). Just keep the carbs at 30 or less and keep overall calories anywhere from 500-800 below mntc.

Stay this way for a week, do not carb up and stay in ketosis.

Your adipose tissue will very very soon start combusting.